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Just wondering how many of you had to take a pay cut to travel? I joined a Calif travel nurse FB group and have been looking at travel contracts. I'm a little surprised how poorly they pay. The... Read More

  1. by   NedRN
    Likely not. Just my area. Although there are a lot of forces holding down pay in Ohio. No nurse shortage, a near monopoly by Cleveland Clinic in the northern part of the state, and a lack of unions.

    $25 is what I was offered by the largest hospital in the largest local system for my 17 years of experience for the only open job I could find. I suppose that is OK pay considering you can buy a decent home in my area for $60,000.
  2. by   Argo
    Quote from ICUman
    I highly doubt the staff pay in Ohio maxes out at $25/hr.
    There are definitely rural parts of the US, mainly midwest and the south, that pay experienced nursing staff under $30/hr.

    They usually have staff that have been there forever and have no staffing needs or unions to enforce ratios/wages.

    As a person that would review resumes/applications and be hiring RNs, i would be shocked at how low some of the wage requests were from some people. I would actually tell them to let HR know that was a typo and ask for more, whatever a local reasonable rate was.
  3. by   ICUman
    Quote from NedRN
    Lots of synergy there as NE hospitals census drops in the wintertime.
    I'm also not so sure about this ^ as every hospital I have worked at in the wintertime the census is at the highest point of the year. Due to PNA, influenza, resp. illness etc.

    Quote from Argo
    There are definitely rural parts of the US, mainly midwest and the south, that pay experienced nursing staff under $30/hr.
    Yes I realize that...which is why I said Ohio. I'm positive some nurses out there are making $30+/hr. Areas of Alabama start new grad RN's @ $18/hr. Pitiful.

    Which is one reason why I will never take a staff position in a low paying area again. I learned my lesson in Utah. Now in a cheap COL area I make over $60/hr as staff. And I am trying to get a per diem position in the SF Bay to hit the triple digit per hour wage.
  4. by   NedRN
    Back in the day, we are talking about 40 years ago and before travel, acuity was a lot lower for inpatients. I don't disagree that even adults have more health issues in the wintertime, but picture where snowbirds are coming from. When the population may double in the wintertime in Florida, there is a greater need there.
  5. by   ICUman
    While Florida hospital census's may be high due to snowbirds, I think NE regional hospitals are also quite high census at that time of year.
    But I don't really care.
  6. by   Argo
    I haven't seen any union/ hospital pay scales that take prn into triple digits. 90s for sure and then add shift diff.... that would get you there but not the base rates. I have all the bay area hospital systems pay scales as of February this year