Orientation period- strange requirements, is this legal? - page 2

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So last week was my first week in a new location. When I arrived, I went to the office to sign the typical paperwork. I am an acute dialysis travel nurse. The next day I headed to the hospital for orientation, which lasted 8... Read More

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    Quote from NurseRies
    Well, assignment is almost over. Nothing really changed, the job is what it is.
    Oops, also meant to say, I learned that sometimes, no matter how many questions you ask, you just don't know what you're walking into. I also saw on the highway hypodermics sure a fellow dialysis traveler described this same area as his nightmare assignment. So I'm glad it's not just me. I love the location (Southern California) and the weather, but I want more out of an assignment. I want to feel helpful, I want to feel like people are glad I'm there. I barely got 30 hours a week, at least I had the guaranteed pay for 36 hours.

    I hope I can really help at the next location. And it would be nice to actually meet my supervisors. Never met anyone. 4 hours orientation? Ugh. I'd like 2 days minimum.

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