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    anyone travelled with nursechoice? if so, how were they?

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    I traveled with them twice. No complaints. My recruiter was fantastic! Just remember, your required to do 48hrs/week. Its exhausting but the pay is absolutely excellent!! That overtime is a killing! Thats probably the only reason I havent' used them in a long time is b/c the 48hrs/week just became too much for me. But if Im $hungry I would definitely travel with them again.

    Quote from bagola22
    anyone travelled with nursechoice? if so, how were they?
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    FutureNurse2B, how long was your assignment? I'm looking into nursechoice, Faststaff and On Assignment so I can make a killing in 4-6 weeks. I'm used to working 48 hours a week bc I also work agency, in addition to my full time position.
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    I was working with a recruiter there for a bit.... He was nice, but nothing really materialized and he kept submitting me to jobs in locations I didn't want. I ended up going with another agency
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    That sucks. I definitely have certain places I want to go and will not allow being submitted to other places. How long was it between the time you submitted you information to the time he started submitting you for jobs?
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    I am getting ready to travel in April. I also signed up with Nurses Choice, and Fastaff. I need short contracts also. Very excited to get started.
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    Cheryl, have they been helpful? Where are you looking to travel to?
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    Nurses Choice have been in more contact. But she seems to be paying attention to my needs. Both agences said the April jobs are just starting to come in. Hoping for the best .
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    I have a KY license with is compact. And I also have CA license. So CA, TX, VA...Im open.
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    Cool. I have a TX license, which is compact too. I think I'm going to start my paperwork and stuff now so that by the time August is here, I can hi the road.

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