kaiser anyone?

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    just accepted a position in san diego, california with kaiser healthcare. i am from the east coast, so not at all familiar with the kaiser facilities or hospitals, tried looking them up online but couldn't find a direct website to the san diego facility.
    was wondering if anyone is familiar with the kaiser permante hospital in san diego (i think that's what it's called). i will be working a med surg tele floor, hoping to get a few opinions/comments about the hospital before i head out there.
    also, wondering if anyone happens to have a rough pay rate/hr for travel RN's in san diego, i know the cost of living is a bit up there.
    thanks, will appreciate any info!

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    I worked at Kaiser Woodland Hills and loved it. I know they tend to float travelers first but I didnt mind that. The staff was very friendly. I am looking at returning to California in January and work with Kaiser again but this time in San Diego (love the area!)

    Good Luck!
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    hi pamela,
    thanks! only thing that seemed a bit strange with kaiser san diego, is that i couldn't quite seem to find one website specifically for the hospital there, kaiser permanente...also, the pay seemed a bit on the low end, 27/hr...didn't know if that's just san diego rates or what...
    any other info you've got on companies, nice areas in cali to work would be great!
    thanks so much!
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    Kaiser is a huge machine in California. Many staffers work 8 hour shifts, so if you signed up for 12's, make sure their staffing office is aware. This can be a problem for travelers due to the blended rate. You don't want to go home early because it can cause a reduced rate. Some facilities and some units will have a 12 hour traveler work 8 on one unit and bounce to another for the last 4 (or the other way around), others will give the traveler a team for 8 and then have them resource for the next 4. Today I was in the ED for 8 and then up on a tele floor for the last 4 (at a Sutter facility in CA)...

    This may be the link for the Kaiser facility in SD:

    Good luck...have fun...check out
    "Children's Pool" in LaJolla...it's a beach with tons and tons of (literally) TONS of seals. If you decide to go to Tiajuana, know that you can get there in 5 minutes, but the line of cars coming back takes hours!
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    I currently am on an assignment at Kaiser in Redwood City Ca. & Travelinjones is absolutley right about the floating to another floor/dept. after 8hrs in a 12hr shift. I work in the Intermediate Nursery and for my last 4hrs I float to Mother Baby. I also had a hard time finding a direct website for this specific hospital as well.
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    Does anyone know anything about the floor specialities at Kaiser Medical Center in San Diego? I will be there in September as a traveler working MS and floating. Is orthopedic's hard on night shift? 7 pm-7 am? I have only worked MS for 2.5 years. Any tips?
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    Does anyone know anything about the floor specialities at Kaiser Medical Center in San Diego?   I will be there in September as a traveler working MS and floating.  Is orthopedic's hard on night shift? 7 pm-7 am?  I have only worked MS for 2.5 years.  Any tips?  
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    California staffing ratio law means you will only have five patients max. You will also have to be completely relieved for a meal and three breaks per shift. And it's orthopedics! Can't get easier than that. The issue is that you may have to float to other units, as often as every four hours. Staff works 8 hour shifts, travelers work 12 hour shifts, you do the math. Keep your charting up to date.

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