I was accused of diverting narcotics and terminated

  1. I completed one contract at this hospital in California and was a month into my second one with them. I was called to the directors office and told that there were 2 discrepencies with narcotics i handled. One was a vial of fentanyl that i wasted the entire thing(in front of another nurse) but it was a couple of hours after i pulled it. And the other was i accidentally pulled 2 vicodin out of the pyxis under the newborns name instead of the mom. Mom only wanted one. When i tried to return it under mom i saw what i had done. I think i tried to correct it by acting as if i were going to take one for mom so the drawer would open, put the vicodin back and then hit cancel all meds. I have never stolen narcotics but as i try to defend myself i am told that "we have heard it all". So it seems i am guilty until proven inocent. If they do their investigation and still have suspicition they will report me to the board. I don't know what to do. No one has asked me to take a drug test. And because i was familiar with the term "diverting" that seemed to add to their suspicion. My agency has informed me that if it goes to the board they will not work with me. Even without proof. I'm not new to nursing, I know that many nurses divert but I am not one of them. I need some solid advise please. I work labor and delivery and during difficult repairs the residents will often ask us to run and get fentanyl for the pt's comfort during the repair. I am sure thats what this was related to. That i pulled it per request and we didnt end up needing it.
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  3. by   CrystalClear75
    Get a lawyer a good one that specializes in these cases...your not guilty and they can prove it.
  4. by   deege58
    What kind of lawyer, criminal??
  5. by   Lucky0220
    I might be wrong about this, but I'm thinking that by hitting "cancel all meds", it made it look as if no vicodin was pulled at all.
    But you originally pulled out two, then returned one, so the count would be off, making it look like one pill was missing. Does that make sense? Sorry this has happened to you.
  6. by   bagladyrn
    One suggestion I would make is to contact a physician/clinic immediately and get a drug screen done - at your own expense- so that you have proof that there is nothing in your system. Won't cover all bases as people are known to divert without using, but should show in your favor.
  7. by   79Tango
    Yes, what baglady says, CYA and go get a UDS done immediately! It probably wont get your job back however it will prove that you dont have the narcs in your system.
  8. by   deege58
    Thanks guys. I'll know by the end of the day if they have enough suspicion to report me to the board. If they don't I can be back to work somewhere else quickly. If they do my agency will drop me as well. I'll look into the drug test although that wont matter. According to my DON I could have been dealing....3 vicodin??? Now I can retire...
  9. by   caliotter3
    I would obtain legal advice from an attorney. Attorneys experienced in dealing with nursing issues and appearing before nursing boards can be found in the legal referral services of TAANA: www.taana.org.
  10. by   RN_travlr
    Im sorry I will sound niave here but "diverting"..what is meant by that? I read this because a nurse I was on assignment with just got fired because they said she stole baclofen...yes baclofen...? She swore she didnt know what they were talking about and they didnt mention drug test( I dont even know that it would show),board or anything else. Just fired her. Scarey that they can just accuse you of stealing and thats it, your done!