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I have been in this contract for 7 VERY LONG, STRESSFUL weeks! I wish they would tell me to go, just to get me OUT OF HERE! Staff are leaving in droves, the people left are SO SNOTTY! I hate... Read More

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    Good copper and I hope those shifts go quickly. renerian

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    Well, our get together is over (oh, it was fantastic! Met several Delphi TNT people!), 15 more shifts here, AND I just accepted my next contract!!!!

    I will be going to Dartmouth-Hickock in Lebanon, NH!!!

    I AM OUT OF HERE SOON!!!!!!!
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    How exciting! I did some agency nursing in a few different states, but I lived there then, even though it was only 6 months. Let us know how it goes! How fun!
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    Copper...so sorry for your experience....I can definately relate!!

    I am dealing with the EXACT situation on my current contract....4 weeks to go AND COUNTING!!

    I just always remind myself that although these people are a real source of irritation right now....a week after I'm gone, I won't even remember those folks names...but they'll still be miserable people always looking to pick a fight!

    Pucker up buttercup!!! This too shall end!
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    Life is to short to be in a position like you are talking about. I have left an assignment for that very reason. I spoke with my recruiter and she said I had to stay. We do not have to stay in situations like that. Document send copy to your recruiter and to the hospital management but, make sure it is to your recruiter first. Also, be prepared to pay some costs. I never had to but, depending on your company you may have to. We are valuable professionals and deserve to be treated as such
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    Right now I am in the Hospital from Hell and I have 10 long weeks left.

    Pray for me.
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    I am so sorry! I REALLY know how you feel! {{{ hugs }}}

    Tesslynn: Yes, I could have left, but I was NOT willing to pay the penalties! It was 13 weeks of pure s*&t, but I made it and I think it made me a tad bit better! I also think that, in my instance, walking would have been unethical. It was not all bad; just 75% of the time! If my license would have been on the line, though, I WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT OF THERE!!!!

    Just an update:

    I think I left hell to come to heaven!!!! This assignment has been the best! I have been here a little over 4 weeks and am looking into extending!:roll

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    I had a friend who traveled to Dartmouth in Lebanon and never had a bad thing to say about the assignment. Looks like you are being rewarded for sticking with a bad assignment. Good for you and enjoy!
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    I am on an assignment where I too am counting down the shifts. Gradually it is getting more bearable, once I realized that my interview was one big lie. I was ready to cancel and stop traveling after a couple shifts. At least we know time won't stop and eventually it will be over. I am looking for my next stop, maybe a little early but it makes me feel better!
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    Yes, Dartmouth is/has been a dream assignment! In fact, I am extending until March 27th! I really like it here: the facility, the people, the area. If I didn't want to keep on traveling.........and if I didn't have a home in SD.......Well, would think about staying here.

    But the wanderlust in me is WAY too strong to stop traveling!!!

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