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Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of American Mobile. The rep. has been calling me. Can you tell me about their reputaion, pay, etc. Thanks :) Jaycrue :cool:... Read More

  1. by   nyck76
    Boy I haven't been on here in awhile. Can't believe this thread is still going. LOL. I agree that you need to individualize what is important for you, but american mobile will NEVER have pros fro everything. You are the one is out there working on holidays, weekends, understaffed, even dangerous conditions sometimes, not the company. So if you are putting yourself and your skills on the line, you should not have to fight for anything. I have been with OA for over a year, and I can say they are the best for everything. Money, benefits, rental car, housing, everything. AMN doesn't even offer long/short term disability, and the health insurance was crap when I was there. AMN makes you hate them because you have to demand everything. I don't go to any assignment without at least $34/hour or higher, and noyt just in California, I mean ANYWHERE. I have worked with OA in North and South Cali, Missouri, Illinois, and I am in New York now and I always get private completely furnished housing, rental car, and full benefits and never make under $34. Amn can't even come close, and they got on my nerves anyway.LOL
  2. by   mangubatmc
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    I sent you the info via private Message
    hi ,what company are you taveling with?
  3. by   nyck76
    On Assignment Healthcare staffing
  4. by   moliuchick
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    I sent you the info via private Message
    Could you PM me the name?
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  5. by   sgill
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    I travelled with AMN for 2 years and I regret it. I went with them when I first became a travel rn because they were in all the magazines and seemed to be the most popular. Every time I took an assignment, if I wanted to extend the pay got decreased by 0.50 - $1.00 per hour. I am sorry but you can't tell me the facility is doing that. Once I started talking to other travelers I realized I was getting a bad deal. Now I work for a company that has FREE private housing w/ linens, cable, phone, appliances, pots and pans, rental car, and airfare all included, plus $30 - 35 / hour every contract. Sorry, AMN can't even come close to that. Plus when I working for them I didn't even know they didn't provide long or short term disability. Now I make sure any company I goes with has that. AMN is too big of a company to be so cheap. They are getting 3x's what you are and still wanna pay crappy while nurses work like dogs. LOL. Like I said before, I really wish I would have know a traveler to ask questions to before I started.
    I am new to travelling and have just taken my first assignment. I was wondering what company you are with? It sounds great.
  6. by   CheluRN
    Who is your company? Sounds much better than mine.
  7. by   texastraveler
    i have worked with american mobile and will NEVER use them again. My recruiter lied to me so bad, I broke my contract. Pay rate is LOW and they make you pay for private housing and you have to bring your own linen, cookware etc.....
    I am now making over double what AMH was paying and have free private housing, travel pay and rental car.
  8. by   barbgavitt
    Looking to find out more about access...good or bad...thanks
  9. by   mangubatmc
    Quote from jaycrue
    Hi everyone.

    Has anyone heard of American Mobile. The rep. has been calling me.
    Can you tell me about their reputaion, pay, etc.



    they don't have ears and eyes to read their voice mail and emails.
  10. by   themonalisa
    Anybody know about PPR? Is it good/bad?
  11. by   RNmegan84
    Hey guys! All of this is such great info! I'm just starting to think about traveling and trying to get some ideas of who to go with so I don't get screwed! What should I expect in regards to the housing they provide and the utilities they include. And after all of that is deducted, what does my paycheck look like? Is it really worth that much more to travel?
  12. by   wahine
    I am thinking about starting to travel too. Was talking to AMH this morning but will definitely reconsider. Can I get information on some reputable companies to look into?? How do you PM? I really want to go to Anchorage. Anyone been there? Any advice?
  13. by   mimi1
    Looking for traveling position in CA. Any advice?
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