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I'm a new into the world of traveling (RN) and have received my 1st offer doing medsurg on the east coast with American Mobile. The pay i kinda figured is not enough (about $1200 take home weekly including housing stipend) with... Read More

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    By the way, one of the pleasures that travel nursing brings is essentially living in a community rather than being a tourist. I've done extensive traveling before I became a nurse (we called ourselves travelers too), and I can tell you that it just becomes a blur and meeting locals is difficult. I had another sort of travel job before I became a nurse, working construction. Most of our jobs were 3 or 4 weeks as well. Very tiring to live out of a hotel room and while you stayed in a place a few weeks, you didn't really learn much about the area. Staying in one place for three months is a sweet spot between moving to a place and not zooming through. You make friends and see most of the sights. And can usually stay for another three months if there is unfinished business, like a romance, or an unvisited national park.

    It is hard for me to picture much enjoyment in a 2 week assignment, at the hospital with no orientation or really getting to know your co-workers, learning local clinical practices, or getting involved with the local scene. Seems to me that if your life at home is that demanding, local per diem (depending on availability) would be better.

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