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So I have just accepted my first 8wk assignment to San Antonio, TX. I picked 8 wks to see if travel nursing was for me. I have less than 2 weeks to get everything in order, I don't even know where my... Read More

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    Most agencies do reimburse for direct licensure costs with receipts, but may not reimburse for associated costs such as background check and license verifications.
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    Good to know. Thanks!
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    Been reading the thread. i have been interested in travel nursing for a long time and thinking to do it soon. How has your experience been, Dee?
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    Well I've just started, my first day by myself was yesterday. I would say do your research ask your recruiter for more than one option to interview for. It's not bad where I'm at its just different from what I'm use to. I guess I need to shake that fast bc it's always gonna be different from what you're "use to." They don't have a lot of ancillary help, so the nurse wears many hats. The people I work with are extremely nice so it makes it better. I think I just jumped for the first position I heard available! I'm learning from my experience now what to do for my next assignment! Good luck with everything!
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    Hello Dee thanks for all of your posts and thanks to everyone else. I will be new to traveling in MARCH. I have to remember to stay calm and cool and relax. IM interested in what you said. What was the major differences you experienced?
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    Hey i saw your post. have you started traveling yet. I have not as of yet. i will be new to traveling also. Just trying to figure out the best place to go.
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    I started in January, almost done with my first assignment! I've heard mixed opinions from other travel nurses at my assignment. Some love it, some are counting down the days. I work in Peds by the way, my experience has been ok. the nurses are amazing I love them, super helpful and friendly. I've worked in a different specialty then what I am working in now so that was an adjustment. The one downside is being by yourself for however long your contract is. I like the pt, and the company I'm with. Though I've had my days where I feel like I just wanna fly back home. Look through the Allnurses website I'm sure someone has traveled to the Dallas area, that's what I did to sorta prepare myself for this assignment!
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    Okay thank you.

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