Best Travel Agencies For Short Assignments

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    Hey Everyone!

    I've done travel nursing with American Mobile for about a year now. No major complaints thus far, but I would like to do shorter assignments this year and they're not really offering that. Any other agencies you would reccomend that are better for those types of assignments? Like 4-8 weeks? Amn is big on 12 weeks or more...


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    Fastaff and Nurse Choice come to mind.
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    Nurse Choice is an American Mobile agency. That should mean no paperwork to move over there. Theoretically, all AM recruiters have access to the same jobs no matter their agency brand so I'm not sure exactly how this works in practice. But Nurse Choice was started by AM just to focus on so-called rapid response assignments which are shorter, are often 48 hours a week or more if you want, and pay more per hour. Fastaff is still the leader in these kinds of assignments.
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    I've heard Nursechoice is good for short assignments and was recommended to me by a coworker. I plan on using them for my first assignment this summer.
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    A 13 week contract is a lot more likely to be traveler friendly than a short contract. You want your first assignment to be successful!
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    Yeah I understand. They do offer 13 week assignments too. I got my work and school schedule worked out where I can leave 2 weeks early in order to take a 13 week assignment. There are a lot more options for 13 weeks than the shorter ones.
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    Fastaff is great. But maybe not for a first assignment (the assignment I took with them was significantly more challenging than my first travel assignment ever - but it also paid way better). I used Cross Country for my first assignment then switched to Fastaff and it's been a good transition for me.
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    Ned RN, What is your background? You seem to know a lot about traveling.
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    Traveler since 1995. One picks up stuff over the years.
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    I just read an article last night that fastaff was bought out by Healthcare Staffing Services.

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