Alaska Travel Assignment 140.00/hr?!?!??

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    I heard from a nurse at work that Alaska is supposedly paying 140.00 for travel assignments. I seroiusly doubt this is true, but wondering if any of you have heard this.
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    No I haven't heard it and although the area is desperate for nurses..I seriously doubt it! would be nice though..:chuckle

    I will say that when I requested a license packet it must have came in about one day! Maybe because I was in Seattle..
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    I seriously doubt that there is any truth in that rumor, but if you find out otherwise, will you promise to post the contact agency so I can sign up for that money. I already have an Alaskan RN license since I use to work as a staff nurse there when we lived there. I only made $20.00/flat/hour! Hmmmmmmm...tell us more.
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    Not true. I have traveled there twice in the past two years. Fairbanks and Anchorage do not pay anywhere near that amount. I cannot immagine a NP or PA even making that amount.
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    NOT TRUE!!! I am on assignment at a hospital that, according to them, pay the highest in the state. And the pay is not even 1/3 of $140/hr!
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    A pleasant fantasy, all the same.
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    Probably available somewhere there's a strike?