Advice for surviving the first few couple weeks of travel nursing. - page 2

Hello, So I am on my first travel assignment and completed week 1. I spent the week filling out paperwork and taking tests to learn the epic system and was on the floor for 8 on Thursday and 12 on Friday. I was a bit of a... Read More

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    Yep, I did agency nursing for two years. I covered hospitals, nursing homes, skilled care units, hospices, home health, etc... I once covered a small county hospital and was the only nurse in the building, I had 3 on med surg, 1 in OB, a baby in the nursery and had to cover the ER with no provider in house. It was interesting. Oh, and not only did they not have a pharmacy at night, they didn't have a pharmacy. The pharmacy was a room off of med surg full of bottles of your pills, you had mix and make everything yourself. Strangely enough, I enjoyed it. lol

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