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Advice for first travel assignment?

  1. 0 Well, I've taken the plunge -- quit a toxic job that was raising my blood pressure and tying my stomach in knots and accepted a travel assignment on the opposite end of the continent.

    Now does anyone have any tips to help me make my first travel assigment more successful?
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    Do you travel alone? I travel with my husband so I'm not so scared of car trouble, but I have a membership with a good auto club. If you plan to stay in hotels along the way you might want to sign up with a priority membership with a particular chain. You usually get longer check out times, and cheaper rates. We have found Holiday Inn Express to be the cleanest and most accomodating for our pet. Be careful to not over pack. Packing and unpacking every 13 weeks can be a bit much. Especially when you live on the upper floors. Most of all just have a good time. I know you will. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Try to find out about a hospital BEFORE your company submits your contract. I found out the hard way. I look at it this way, I interview the hospital. They get a bunch of profiles and start calling the ones they want. That means you pretty much have the job when they call. That is your opportunity to find out about the unit. BE SPECIFIC! Don't ask what is the usual patient ratio, ask What is the maximum pt. ratio. Always ask about acuities. I took an IMCU job in Delray Beach FL without asking, and Oh Boy, did I make a mistake. Ratios 5:1. Tons of femoral Sheaths, art lines, and titrated cardiac drips, including drips such as Nipride. It's like have 3 ICU patients with a couple of extra Tele pts. thrown in. Ask yourself what you like and don't like about your current job, and then ask those questions of the unit manager. It is also good to post on sites like this one to see if anyone can give you feedback. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    I love traveling....
    I can survive anything for 13 weeks....
    I've met some fun travelers too...., seen some cool places and things I otherwise would never have seen....

    I always remember I am a "guest" as their facility....
    I don't have to serve on any committees, I make more $$, I don't have to get into the politics....
    I never critisise management , the facility, the way they do things, .........

    Behave as though you are in someones' home as a guest...
    you will not have any problems....

    I really APPRECIATE the fact that the hospital is giving me the opportunity to do what I want.....and that is to travel...and meet new people and see new places...
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm also starting my first travel job next month. I'm looking forward to it but it's a little scary. I love to travel and I figure I've tolerated my last "real" job for 13 years, 13 weeks should be a cake walk! Anything else I should consider?
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    Be very flexible and openminded when you get to your assignment. You will find that each new facility has ways of doing things that may seem "odd" to you. If what they are doing if different than I'm accustomed to, I do it their way even if it seems silly, as long as it is not potentially harmful. I'm not there to change things. I only answer "This is how they do it at X facility" if someone asks me specifically if I know alternatives.
    If the manager asks me how I would like to be scheduled, I generally try to cluster my work days to have longer stretches off, the better for exploring a new area. Ask your co-workers what is fun and different to do in their area. If traveling alone, try posting here or on Travel Nurses and Therapists board your general location (state or city) and hook up with other solo travelers (or couples) for outings.
    Been enjoying the adventure of traveling for over 7 years now!
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    Originally posted by teece3
    Thanks for the advice. I'm also starting my first travel job next month. I'm looking forward to it but it's a little scary. I love to travel and I figure I've tolerated my last "real" job for 13 years, 13 weeks should be a cake walk! Anything else I should consider?
    You too? I just quit my last REAL job -- held it 13 years! 13 weeks seems easy after that!
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    I loved being a Traveling Nurse years ago, and I'm already looking into doing it again so I can find the place hubby and I will call home. Not sure which direction I'll start in just yet, but have a few locales in mind.

    If Traveling Nursing is like it was when I use to be one, then I will not mind doing it again. It was invigorating for me as a nurse and a newly divorced mom of three when I traveled before. Now that the kiddies are out of the nest and have their own nest to take care of, it's just me and hubby. I'm even trying to talk him into becoming a traveling nurse, traveling health care specialist, something along those lines so we can have fun in our "parentless" days now.