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Hi, I was just wondering have any new grads received an interview or position at Womens Hospital in houston? If so do you have an suggestions how to land an interview after applying? Thanks!... Read More

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    No call yet. Love them but they tell you one thing and you hope they keep their word. I can tell you now that you won't be able to get the nurse Manager on the phone. Just the Recruitor Mrs. Lynn Goodman. She will just say I will forward your resume to the manager. Which I can tell you is not going to get you far unless you visit. And even after that, it is a waiting game.

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    Ahhh so another waiting game. Well I applied to every single position that had LD/OB Women's Health on the TCH website so hopefully something pushes through.

    Is the one doing the interview the one you met in person?

    The move is supposed to be March 26 so everyone's probably on their feet trying to get things organized and stuff.

    Good luck to us I guess and keep me updated please
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    Tch is not the same as the Woman's Hospital of Texas. You must be talking about the Woman's Center that TCH built. TCH has a specific gn position that can open up at any time this semester. Other rn position you need atleast 6 months of experience. Also There is a 5 application limit before they lock you out from applying to anything again for 90 days. So watch that.
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    Oh sorry, I meant Women's Pavilion...which is under TCH not sure if the Women's Hospital and Women's Pavillion is the same.

    There were a lot of positions that didn't specify they needed experience and some that just said experience preferred but I applied anyway.

    Thanks for the heads up about the 5 application limit. I didn't know there was one but I've applied for more than 5 so hopefully they don't freeze my account. I'll stop for a bit.

    Thanks for the help!
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    wondering if anyone knows if this hospital is currently hiring new grads?
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    they do. it is just a matter of the managers and directors.
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    Plover1, did you ever hear back from the nurse manager or from hr? I was thinking of visiting them but not sure if it will do any good.
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    Has anyone interview with Woman's Hospital for L&D? What kind of questions do they ask you?
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    Quote from frenchyfry123
    Has anyone interview with Woman's Hospital for L&D? What kind of questions do they ask you?
    Do u have an interview with them coming up?
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    Nope, but I am HOPING to have one and just wanted to be prepared :/ do you know of many people who have gotten to interview with womans?

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