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  1. Anyone attending/attended WCJC's ADN/LVN program?
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  3. by   jlhalloween
    Hi, I am thinking of attending the LVN program next August. I am currently going to school for a medical assistant so that I can some experience or shall I say "get my foot in the door".:spin:
  4. by   ree-nee
    Quote from Magnolias
    Anyone attending/attended WCJC's ADN/LVN program?
    Im goin to UT-H but I applied to Wharton ADN program and got in but I had to resign my seat (it was my back up plan if UT-H didnt work out). My mom went to the LVN program about 15 years ago and did great. She's still a nurse and loved every minute of school. I was young but I remember how tough it was for her. The teaching staff hasnt changed much at all....Its a good place.

  5. by   Kishad65
    I will be starting the ADN program 8-28. Anyone else feel a need for more information???? I feel like I am going into this somewhat blind!

  6. by   kmbridges
    Do they have an orientaion for you to attend?

    I was accepted into San Jac, we start on the 28th also, but we just spent two days of 8 hour long orientations. We got all the info in those 16 hours. They had students that had just graduated and students that are still in the program talk to us along with the head person there at the program.
  7. by   Kishad65
    We have a three hour orientation on the 17th, but I only just received my schedule and fee statement yesterday! Up until then I didn't even know what days/hours I would be there, or how much I was going to have to come up with to pay my tuition, I still don't know how much books are going to be, if I need to buy uniforms...etc. I just like to have more of a plan in place than this is allowing me. I know...all will be revieled in time...I am just not that patient.

    On another note, I saw your name on a post yesterday, my maiden name is Bridges, and my middle initial M. Just a little HMMMM moment!
  8. by   kmbridges
    I did not have any of that info until yesterday either - they gave it all to me at the orientation. With the exception of the uniforms - the letter telling us that we got accepted told us that we would have orientation and that we would have to buy uniforms and lab packs there. I spent a total of 370 dollars at orientation - that is not tuition or books or vaccine or anything except for uniforms, lab pack, and drug screenings!

    My middle intial is M, but Bridges is my married name not my maiden. My husbands family is all from Louisiana... Any of yours? Possible a (not so) distant relative.
  9. by   Kishad65
    My dads family was from California by way of Iowa. Probably no connection.

    Good luck with nursing school. Maybe we can keep in contact through this process!
  10. by   Kaiulani
    Quote from Kishad65
    I will be starting the ADN program 8-28. Anyone else feel a need for more information???? I feel like I am going into this somewhat blind!

    I am also in the WCJC adn program and went to orientation yesterday. I am a little nervous about starting but I think it is like this for everyone. Anything started new is an exciting but scary process. I may have already talked to you face-to-face yesterday. If not I will soon.

  11. by   Kate28
    Good luck to all of you guys going to WCJC. Not but 2 weeks ago, I graduated from the LVN program in Richmond. It's gonna be a tough ride, but I have faith in you all! Good luck!
  12. by   Biogrl84
    hey guys ,
    I was just wondering what requirements WCJC had for their admission. What were your gpa and scores.. I am thinking of applying. I need some help!