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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    I used the McGraw-Hill book to study for my TEAS V exam and scored a 70% overall with a low science score. Since I knew my scores weren't competitive for UTMB, I bought the book and online practice exams from ATI. I just took the test again this morning, 42 days after my original exam, and scored an 80% overall and an 80% on the science section. Wish I would have used the ATI book the first time!!!

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    I took the test twice. The first time I used the McGraw-Hill book and scored 70% overall. A little over a month later I took it a second time using the ATI book and online practice tests and scored 80% overall with an 80% avg in science. In my opinion, the ATI book and practice tests are worth the money.
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    Just got the call and I've been accepted!! Can't wait to see you all there!
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    Accepted as well, going in for orientation tomorrow!
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    Can someone send me the fbook link please thank you!
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    Hi! I know this thread is old but I saw your post about commuting from Richmond to UTMB. I also live in Richmond and I applied for the fall 2013. I wanted to know if the commute is too bad or if you would recomend moving there.
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    Quote from doreendoyin
    I'll be driving 180 minutes round trip to class everyday.
    Hi i live in Richmond and I applied to UTMB fall 2013, I was wondering if the commute is bad or should I consider living on campus
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    Quote from makadenzy1209
    Well I got a letter in the mail today, unfortunately I wasn't accepted
    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted so far and Good luck in spring.
    Looks like i'll have to apply again, at least I'll have better stats this time around.
    Sorry about that makadenzy1209 what were your stats if you don't mind me asking 😁
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    Quote from eneR1030

    Sorry about that makadenzy1209 what were your stats if you don't mind me asking dde01
    Sorry to hear that I'm nervous I have to start getting prepared to apply. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted !
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    Hey everyone, so I can't seem to find out which classes are considered in calculating the science gpa and pre-req gpa for utmb. I was wondering if someone can help me. Here's how my transcript looks (it doesn't feel very impressive after reading everyone else's gpa but maybe I'm calculating wrong).

    Chem lecture 3 hours C
    Chem lab 1 hour A
    English 1 3 hours A
    Intro to psychology 3 hours B
    History 1 3 hours A
    English 2 3 hours A
    Anat 1 3 hours B
    Anat 1 lab 1 hour C
    Nutrition 3 hours C
    Developmental Psych 3 hours B
    Government 1 3 hours B
    Statistics 3 hours B
    Sociology 3 hours A
    Microbiology 3 hours B
    Micro lab 1 hour B
    Philosophy 3 hours A
    Government 2 3 hours B
    History 2 3 hours B
    Anat 2 3 hours B
    Anat 2 lab 1 hour B
    Art 3 hours A

    Then I have 2 classes, 1 of which is like an intro to college class called University 1011 which was 1 hour with an A and Financial and quantitative literacy which was 3 hours and I made a B. I don't think these classes would be factored.

    If anyone could help me I would be extremely thankful...

    My teas score was not impressive either but well above their cutoff.

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