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UTMB Spring 2013 - page 9

Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    I used it too, it is very good!
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    It's been more than a week since NursingCAS received my transcripts and still no GPA Calculation. Do yall know if there's a number we can call? Has anyone tried calling them?
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    Utmb is the only one I'm applying for this spring I'm going to take a few classes in the fall to raise my GPA so I can apply to more schools! What about you?!
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    dee1388: NursingCAS Customer Service: (617) 612–2880
    Hours: Monday – Friday (9:00 am–5:00 pm Eastern Time)

    futurepedrn22: I'm also applying to UH-Victoria's Bacc2 program since it's only 12 months. I missed the dealine for UTMB Bacc2 and at the time I didn't feel competitive enough to apply for the accelerated program there. I still havent taken statistics which is what is holding me back from applying to TWU - I'm already taking 12 hours this summer and don't have the time nor finances to squeeze in another course. I just want to hurry up and start somewhere already .
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    I take the teas test on tuesday, ahh, so im very nervous. For the accelerated program at utmb do u have to have a degree in another study in order to be eligible for the accelerated program?
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    So i already submitted an application with NursingCAS and received the supplemental one from UTMB, but I didn't do the personal statement on the NursingCAS because I was told there was one on the supplemental application. Does anyone know if I can still submit a personal statement?! help!
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    I completed my application with NursingCAS as well but I havent received the supplemental one from UTMB.... How long after your NursingCAS app was complete before you received the UTMB one? It's been a week since my app was complete...
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    nicole27: You can have a bachelors in any discipline with a 3.0 or higher.
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    It was exactly two weeks I'm pretty sure!!
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    I have not received anything from UTMB or NursingCAS. In fact my GPA has not been calculated yet. I called and they said they haven't received one of my transcripts which I sent on the 25th, I do not have enough time to re-send the transcript, receive it and process my application before the 15th.They said it usually takes 2 weeks for them to actually send the application to UTMB once they have received everything.

    UTMB website says " All applications must be complete at NursingCAS by the appropriate deadlines, which are listed under the Admissions Process menu" Does this mean that as long as NursingCAS receives everything by the 15th it doesn't matter when UTMB actually receives the application?

    Ughhh!! :/
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    I just got my supplemental application. ahh, im going to complete it within the next 2 days. then i take the teas on tuesday, then ill be waiting, and waiting for that crazyy email!
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    I'm hoping it means that! I haven't received anything from UTMB yet neither and its been almost a week since my GPA was calculated my NursingCAS! only 8 more days !!
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    Just finished the TEAS about an hour ago! Not so happy with my score I made an 81.3% . Now I'm just waiting for my last transcript to be received by NursingCAS which I expect to be there no later than Monday or Tuesday of next week and everything will be good to go! Also I just noticed this on UTMB's website: