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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    In general I don't have a problem with the wait, but I do not understand why some people get early admissions. Especially when their stats are on the lower end of average. To the point of UTMB interviewing every applicant, they may have done that in previous application periods but not this one. Only a few people on these boards have reported being called in for an interview.

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    Some people were accepted on early admission that did not have outstanding stats because they were guaranteed a spot in the spring class whenever they did not get accepted into the fall class. I do not know the circumstances of these acceptances whether it was misplaced paperwork, over looked application, acceptance sent to the wrong place- I really don't know. However, that is why some people were accepted with "early acceptance" with out out standing stats. My friend that started the day before classes began- she had already been told she would start with your class (as an example).

    As to every student getting interviews- I do know that if you do not get accepted on early admission, every other student accepted receives an interview. I do not know the method to their madness or how they decide who they want to bring in for an interview and who they do not- I am sure it has a lot to do with not only GPA and test scores but also your personal statement. It is very obvious who spent ten seconds on their personal statement and who spend good time on it.

    The bottom line is that UTMB SON has done things this way for a very long time. It has worked for them- and you can ask any student in the SON- UTMB SON truly cares about you as a person and as a future nurse and does everything in their power to help you succeed and reach your goals. If you do not understand that now, you will when you get accepted and then you will understand why I have so much pride in my school- Yes, even though it does have some flaws. Just remember that the people in admissions are human beings. Not just a voice on the end of the line. They are doing what they can- no one is perfect, but this system has always worked.

    I know, I know, I KNOW, that is easier said than done- I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES- but just try to be patient. It will pay off. Just let them do their jobs. Just sit back, try to relax, focus on what you will do if you are accepted, start getting things in order, makes sure you have vaccinations, CPR card, look and see who has the scrubs in stock- just have everything prepared so that when you are accepted you can jump on top of it and get things done!!

    I PROMISE- there is a method to the way they do things. It seems crazy and I know it is frustrating and full of anxiety but just try to relax and know that they are taking their time doing thing because they care.

    Good luck!
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    So, your saying there is a method to this madness? From what I have researched there is a pretty good retention rate at this school, so I believe in what you say about them actually caring about their students. They must be doing something right. In reading over other threads for UTMB, it seems that some of the people that were "last minute call-ins" had atleast already heard that they were waitlisted, but since people don't show up to orientation, spots opened up, and they get a chance to start ASAP. Last year around this time it looks like people were still waiting on to be asked to interview...and then waiting again. My guess is since they can't interview everyone as before, they've got a lot more to discuss and conteplate before making a final decision about each student...?
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    Yes, there is a method to the madnees lol! There is an aswesome retention rate! I promise I wouldn't lie to you lol! Yes, students were waitlisted and then called in during orientation! You will know if you are put on the wait list- so you will know if there is a chance that you will get calle din last minute! I'm not sure what you mean about the interviews though...
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    I didn't mean that they interviewed everyone before. I was on break and was trying to respond while people were talking to me. From what I understand, in previous semesters people are either denied or asked to interview. Then after they are interviewed, they are either denied, waitlisted or accepted. But it didn't happen like that this time. For whatever reason, only few are being interviewed, but most aren't.
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    Even people who are being accepted had never been interviewed?
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    Yup, Yup.
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    Early acceptance or regular acceptance?
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    Early acceptance. Is that usual?
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    Oh yeah- the people who received early acceptance for my class were not interviewed. Then once eartly acceptance was over- they started the interviews. There were several rounds of interviews as well. I was in the first round of interviews and was told it could be anywhere up to six weeks after my interview before I would hear anything. I actually ended up getting an acceptance email within 2-3 weeks. I actually found out via mystar first though! Someone had posted on our forum that their mystar changed to accepted and checked mine and it had done the same and about 20 minutes later I recieved the email! Best moment of my life thus far lol! And they do not look at your application first if you submitted earlier- everyone gets equal opportunity- whether you submitted it on the first day that applications were being accepted or on the last day. I submitted my application only a week before the deadline and was in the first round of interviews and the first round of regular acceptance. And MANY MORE were accepted after me! So DO NOT get discouraged if you are not accepted or interviewed first!

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