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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

  1. by   sumokitty
    Quote from doreendoyin
    Thanks a million. Now I have to figure out the logistics of traveling from Richmond, TX to Galveston.
    Are you thinking of COMMUTING?
  2. by   asalazar86
    Just a tip for those of u thinking about relocating: Clearlake is 30 min from Galveston, 20 min from kemah, and 25 min from downtown. If your like me and not completely comfortable moving all the way into Galveston, the surrounding areas have pretty decent commute times, low prices, and plenty of apartments to choose from
  3. by   manduhh54
    I was actually thinking about getting an apartment in the clear lake/kemah/league city area if anyone is interested in rooming with me!
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  4. by   sumokitty
    Quote from asalazar86
    Just a tip for those of u thinking about relocating: Clearlake is 30 min from Galveston, 20 min from kemah, and 25 min from downtown. If your like me and not completely comfortable moving all the way into Galveston, the surrounding areas have pretty decent commute times, low prices, and plenty of apartments to choose from
    Hey, I am in your pathophysiology class! I sit in the row in front of you on the right side.
  5. by   lizziedarden
    @manduhh54 Have you already been accepted or are you still waiting?!?! I'm still waiting to hear anything... I'm going crazy!!
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  6. by   manduhh54
    I have not been accepted yet but from what I hear no news is good news & it's always better to be prepared!
  7. by   nikkijean09
    As Sarah said, If anything calling up there is going to slow down the process! The only thing you can do is make sure you have all your paperwork in (via mystar NOT by calling the school!!) And sit back and wait! I was in your shoes literally 7 months ago and now here I am half way through my first semester of nursing school...and I DID NOT CALL UTMB ONE SINGLE TIME. I had to wait 5 months before I heard anything!! And one of my classmates (who is now one of my very good friends) was accepted THE DAY BEFORE classes started and she is doing just as well as I am! SO CALM DOWN. You will have plenty of time! If classes start January 17 and you get accepted January 16- consider yourself lucky and blessed because there are LITERALLY hundreds of students who would take your place in a heart beat. I always remember that as hard as it gets and as frustrating it can all be- THERE WERE LITERALLY 800 OTHER PEOPLE WHO WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO BE WHERE I AM TODAY. As I know Sarah has told y'all multiple time, CALM DOWN, RELAX, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND BE FLEXIBLE. You only think it's hard now. You have to carry flexibility with you throughout your nursing school experience and throughout your career as a nurse so do yourselves a favor and get used to it now! I know the waiting is hard, but "this too shall pass." So just take a deep breath and do all you can do- WAIT! !
  8. by   CR9012
    Yes I want to be a R.N. but I'm sorry calling someone & telling them report to school in 24 hours is just downright unprofessional. The amount of work required to move and begin classes cannot be expected to be taken care of in that time.

    The fact that we were all emailed and told a time frame that was not accurate was unprofessional & created the office havoc they have on their hands. I truly believe had they sent out in that letter stating "please contact us if you have not heard from us by November" instead of a matter of weeks they would be receiving far fewer phone calls. When you contact the office, they tell you please call back, so once again creating their own office havoc.

    In reference to the note about their inability to read applications until September and are doing so in their spare time, that is by administrative choice. The administration sets the deadline--most other schools are in the fall probably for that reason and the administration decides who will read the applications and serve on the committee for interviews etc. I consider it poor planning by the administration choosing members to serve as the admissions committee that are unable to dedicate proper amounts of time, and/or a deadline that does not coincide with their schedules.

    I don't appreciate being told to be flexible on account of poor planning, if there were circumstances beyond their control (such as a hurricane) impacting their performance I would have much more understanding. As it stands I feel as if they have direct control and have not taken responsibility for their choices. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I felt strongly this needed to be said.
  9. by   nikkijean09
    Showing up for class with only 24 hours notice can be done. No, it's not ideal. However, there are a ton of students who would be more than happy to do so. Sometimes the "if you want it bad enough you can make it happen" attitude is all it takes. It's not a matter of being professional- attending UTMB is an opportunity offered to you when you are accepted. Most see it as a blessing (including myself) and there is no one telling you you HAVE to attend, nor are you entitled to the right to attend. If it is too short of notice for you, you simply decline and they move onto the next hopeful student. As long as you do not wait until the last minute (as Sarah said) to do your CPR etc. all you will need is books and scrubs- completely doable.

    There is a system for applying and mystar to monitor your application- so really, they do have a system in place. Overly anxious students calling constantly was not asked for by the people manning the phones at UTMB. You are able to monitor your application status on your mystar. I understand being anxious and wanting to hear something but, (as Sarah has already said) calling UTMB is not going to get you accepted any more quickly.

    As to not being able to read applications until September- Have you looked at tuition costs for UTMB? I would rather have to wait a few months to hear back from them as to whether or not I was accepted into the program rather than pay an additional several thousand dollars a semester so that they can have a larger application review comitee.

    As to flexibility- as Sarah has said over and over (I know because she told me this personally many times while I applied and after I was accepted) it is the key to nursing school. You have to have it for the entire program. Things are constantly changing because UTMB cares enough that they are constantly working on improving things for us. So yes, things change, they don't go how you want, how you planned, in the time you want, etc. and you have to be flexible and I would not trade it for the world. I know I am one of the lucky ones who recieved the acceptance letter.

    And just an FYI- Sarah is a senior student who is in the middle of taking mid-terms (for some classes), finals (for other classes), clinicals, and ATI exams; and she also has a family to care for and a personal life to uphold. She is helping y'all and passing information on you y'all out of the goodness of her heart. She is VOLUNTEERING her time and energy (and as you will find out when you start nursing school) both of those are in short supply at the end of the day in the nursing program. She is helping y'all out! She is guiding y'all and for that she deserves the upmost respect and thanks. You do not have to agree with her (everyone is entilted to their own opinion) but you should respect her. I know I do. I wouldn't still be sane if it wasn't for her help. So keep this in mind while posting on this page and communicating with her.

    I understand this process is frustrating and full of anxiety and stress. No amount of phone calls, rudeness, or emails is going to change that. Respect Sarah, respect UTMB, and respect eachother. We are all adults here.
  10. by   CR9012
    I definitely appreciate Sarah and all her helpful information & Sarah--I am sorry if I offended you but I think the administration has left you in a horrible position.

    My main point is that they chose the process--they deal with these issues every semester--if they choose not to address them that is their choice. Other schools have longer wait periods--but they are upfront & not requesting individuals to contact them halfway through it. I do not believe asking for proper information and consideration of my time is asking too much. I definitely believe this is a two way street.
  11. by   nikkijean09
    UTMB is the oldest nursing school in Texas and they take a lot of pride in that. UTMB's process for selecting students for acceptance differs from any other school in that they look at the student as whole person- not just numbers on paper. They want students who truly care and have the potential to become great nurses. They take the time to individually interview each applicant they are interested in. I do not know of a lot of schools that do that. Instead of simply sending out an email or a letter with an assigned time for the interview they have you call and make your appointment which gives you options and ensures that you know when your appointment is and that you even have one. UTMB SON does not provide students with false information- they may tell you that "you should hear back within x amount of weeks." But if they have said that you will not know for sure until November- Just wait it out! It is still only October! And y'alls semester does not even start for 3 more months. And students were being admitted months and months after the first acceptance letter was mailed out- it just the way it works. Other students who had orgionally accepted thier admission end up declining because they get accepted into other school so a spot opens up and someone else is admitted- it happens. UTMB is a fantastic school that truly cares about their students more than any school I have ever heard of. If the way they do things does not work for you, I understand. But it works for them, and pretty much all of the students that have been accepted. If it doesn't mesh well with the way you expect things to go- I understand, everyone is different, just keep your options open. But history proves that this process does in fact work for UTMB- it has worked every other semester for a very long time. The students that are already admitted into the program serve as proof for that and we sincerely want to help y'all. I know it is hard right now but you really just have to take our word for it- that it will all work out. It will all be okay in the end. You just have to be patient and it will pay off. So I do wish you all luck, and a bright future, because one way or another we will all be RNs together one day working side by side in the same field- regardless of what school we attend or what year we graduate. We share a common goal. And when you are admitted to nursing school and you feel the true madness that will probably never end until you graduate- you will understand the want to help and give back to hopeful applicants and incoming students. Truly wishing you all the best.
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  12. by   doreendoyin
    I understand your frustration but patience is essential. UTMB nursing program is ranked 39 in the nation for a reason. It is nice that they, unlike many schools, look at the whole person. It's not just about GPA's and test scores, it's about obstacles you may have overcome and personal experiences that may prove to be a valuable asset. It's about your uniqueness, and your GPA and TEAS score do not provide that insight. It takes time to read personal statements but not only that some people decline acceptance which opens the door to another applicant. I believe the late acceptance is directly correlate to late acceptance letters. I've been wait listed before during my undergraduate degree. I was notified of an opening two weeks before school started. It was too late for me but some people will jump at that opportunity.

    I have three kids and currently work as a teacher. I have to resign in December so knowing ahead of time is important but believe me if it was the day before class I would still be ready. Don't lose your passion to frustration. In the end it will all be worth it. Just Believe! Have faith. All will be well.
  13. by   doreendoyin
    I'll be driving 180 minutes round trip to class everyday.