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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

  1. by   CNLE
    HI all, I'm trying to apply for UTBM Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013 as well. but i was hoping if you guys can give me some advise on what i should put on my personal essay, application or test? I'm going to take my test in June 11 and the deadline for application is June 15 It would be appreciate, if you can help/show meI really want to get in for the SpringPlease let me know.. thank you so much.
  2. by   dee1388
    Quote from futurepedrn22
    [font=times]dee1388, don't think i'm ignoring your pms! i they said i have to have at least 15 posts to get pm access! lol but you are welcome i really hope it helps!

    where is st. thomas? i heard about twu and houston, and they are really competitive and tough to get into! my gpa sucks! (2.91) i've never failed or gotten a d, just a few c's and a lot of b's! i'm really hesitant to retake classes, because i'm not sure if nursing schools would rather a c or b the first time around or a retake to get an a, you know what i mean? lol

    and about the nursingcas, i emailed an advisor at utmb and she said besides your gpa and teas score they look at health-related experience, volunteer experience, leadership positions, why you want to be a nurse, etc. and she said to include all of that in your personal statement! as far as resume and references, i didn't put any. and for professional experience where they ask if you have health-related training, i just put i was adult/ child cpr certified lol.
    thank you so much for all your help!!
  3. by   sammantha_384
    Hello all! I am reapply for the spring 2013. I took my Teas last year and want to retake it, but I am curious if anyone knows if they take the higher grade or the most recent grade?
  4. by   josie25
    Quote from dee1388
    where did you read that? I have retaken more than 2 courses for sure!
    I was not aware of that policy... :/
    I read that on one of their older catalogs, and assumed they still had that policy since TAMU has that policy. However, I just received a response from UTMB saying that, "There is no limit on how many prerequisites you can retake." ..what a relief
  5. by   nicole27
    Hi all! i am new to this. i am also applying for spring 2013. I have a huge question!!
    Do we need to submit out nursing cas application to them by the deadline or do they have to process it by the deadline? Because everything is done, except it says im incomplete on the secondary , high school section, which idk why. Im hoping to submit my application tomorrow, and praying that they process it in time. also, what is yalls gpa and teas score??
  6. by   dee1388
    I do not know either that is a good question. I have not sumbmited mine yet I am waiting for them to receive my transcripts, do we have to wait for them to receive our transcripts to submit or can we send it now?
  7. by   nicole27
    I thought we had to have everything turned into them before submitting it? Im hoping to submit it tomorrow and it get processed quick. Have u taken the teas yet?
  8. by   dee1388
    I have not, I take it on the 6th... Im nervous they have not received my transcripts yet. I requested them for both of the schools I have attended over 2 weeks ago, last week I went to the record's office at one of the schools and they said it was mailed last Monday, so shouldn't they have it by now?
    If I cant submit my application on time because of a freaking transcript I am going to be very upset.
  9. by   futurepedrn22
    Did you use the NURSINGCAS transcript request form? I used it for one of my schools and the other I just had them send it electronically. Its funny because NURSINGCAS said they could process them faster with their form but the transcript that i sent electronically got processed already and I'm still waiting for the second one to be processed
  10. by   dee1388
    Yea they would already have it if it wasn't for that darn form. That is the reason why it is taking so long!! Did you get an email letting you know they received your transcript?

    I have another question... the UTMB website says : "Applicants will be required to pay an application fee to NursingCAS and UTMB. " Does this mean there is a separate application for UTMB that I am not aware of?
  11. by   futurepedrn22
    From what I understand once you submit the Nursingcas application utmb will send you a supplemental one
  12. by   dee1388
    Good, that's what I thought.
    How long did it take for them to receive your transcript? Can you submit the application without the transcript?
  13. by   barb24
    yes,you can submit ur application without transcript. but nursingcas will not process it until they get ur transcript. they will not call all email you if they get your transcript, you have to call them to confirm if they got ur transcript.