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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    hi all, i just called enrollment services and requested to know if my application is complete. the lady ask for my name and told me that my appication is complete and has been sent to the nursing program for review.i thought that is so early

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    That's awesome barb24! I'm still waiting for UTMBs app!!!
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    When did you send your application, just keep calling.
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    NURSINGCAS calculated my GPA a little over a week ago and I'm assuming they send it once they calculate your GPA right?
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    yes, once they calculate your gpa, they send it within 48hrs. but u have to call nursingcas to ask if they sent ur application to utmb.
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    Ok will do! Is there somewhere on the NursingCAS website I can look to see if they sent it?
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    I just spoke with UTMB and my application is complete and being sent to the nursing dept! Has anyone received an email or anything from UTMB? When I applied last semester we received emails to log in to see if our status was complete or not. They must be doing it differently since they are only using nursingcas.
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    Does anyone know how the transcripts work for UTMB? I tried sending them out , but I didn't know they wanted us to use their own site for verification of courses or whatever. Hopefully I can still make the deadline since its next week
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    Hi amautmb,
    Yes i received an email, which has my login informations.That where i do check if my application is complete or not
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    Thanks Barb24. How long after you submitted everything did you receive that? I had a really bad experience last term when I applied. They lost everything I submitted multiple times. So, I am trying to keep an eye on everything.

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