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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

  1. by   dee1388
    Quote from futurepedrn22
    To everyone freaking out about the deadline like me!: this is an email from Dora the pre-admissions advisor for UTMB

    Your application, fee, and official transcripts must be received at NCAS by 6/15/12. The supplemental application will be sent to you via email when we receive your application from NCAS. You will have 2 weeks from the date of the email to return the supplemental application.

    Hope this helps!!
    Thank you! It does give nursingCas an extra 4 days to receive my transcripts.
  2. by   dee1388
    Quote from heyjude91
    Hello everyone! I just found this forum! I had a few questions about the application...

    I'm done with my application, I am now just waiting for my reference letters and my transcripts. I sent my TEAS score to UTMB already. So after my letters/transcripts, do I just hit submit? And then am I done? I've been reading that apparently UTMB sends you something else to your email address. I'm starting to panic because it's due so soon.

    Also, where do I have the transcripts sent? I was going to send them electronically. But to UTMB? Or what? I'm so confused...
    When you say you ar done with your application, do you mean nursingCas? As far as I know the only way to apply this year is through nursingCas so transcripts need to be sent to them. As far as recommendation letters i did not send any. I didnt think they accepted/required them for this program. I think the only thing you needed was a personal statement.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!!
  3. by   dee1388
    Is anyone here also applying to UTHSC Houston? If so, do you know if they have a different way of calculating GPA?

    I went to an information session a long time ago and I think I recall someone saying that when it comes to repeated courses they take the latest/highest grade? Does anyone know?
  4. by   telma09
    are you sure we are supposed to send the TEAS Scores to NursingCAS or to UTMB directly?
  5. by   zyb817
    I sent my TEAS Scores directly to UTMB, as a matter of fact I don't think there was a NursingCAS option on the list to choose from.
  6. by   telma09
    yeah i figured, i just wasnt sure
  7. by   futurepedrn22
    So I called NursingCAS and my application was sent to UTMB June 1st! Then I called Erica, and she said I should be getting it any day now if it was sent on the first! ugh sooo frustrating!

    Anyone who has receieved the supplemental app... what do you have to do? Is it long? I thought I would receive it in an email but she said they are all mailed out.
  8. by   dee1388
    at least you know it was sent mine is still not complete because of that transcript. Im praying it will get there soon!
  9. by   zyb817
    It took about 5 business days for UTMB to send me the supplemental app so it should be coming any day now. Make sure you check your physical mailbox because mine was mailed to me. Also it doesn't hurt to double check NursingCAS to make sure your address is correct.
  10. by   mrj638
    It's not long at all! Just basic info! There aren't any specific questions
  11. by   futurepedrn22
    Thanks guys! I checked and my address is correct and still no app I don't understand why its taking so long
  12. by   zyb817
    I know this is very premature but if accepted, does anyone plan on moving to the Galveston area?
  13. by   futurepedrn22
    I am! I live in San Antonio right now!