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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    I met with a counselor at UTMB last month, she told me that supporting statements are HUGE when it comes to deciding on acceptance for prospect students. There are a lot with lower-than-preferred GPA's (that's 3.0)...and to remain competitive one should type up a GREAT supporting statement, we are selling ourselves. She said it's not bad to have C's--as long as your GPA is high...but if you have a D-in their' eyes that's failing...so you must retake that class, AND If you have taken a class more than once, to replace grades or bring up GPA--it counts against you. Other schools will take your most recent scores for X class, but UTMB looks at EVERYTHING... =(

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    Well because I have a mediocre GPA I definately like the idea of not solely being judged by that single aspect. I read up on previous posts from students who went through this last year and it seems as if we are not going to recieve any correspondence from UTMB for a while (late august - september) after the app deadline.
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    I've been emailing an advisor back and forth, and that's what she told me too! So it gave me some hope! My GPA is horrible in my eyes (2.92 overall and 2.98 pre-req) I've never got a grade lower than a C, just A LOT of B's But I got a 84% on my TEAS test and was told by a friend who is currently attending UTMB, that my 84% is really good! I am hoping and praying my personal statement sells me!!
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    Futurepedrn22 - That is a VERY good TEAS score. My overall TEAS score was only 74% I thought about retaking it but I'm not sure if UTMB only accepts 1 score per an application period. I do know that the TEAS deadline has been extended to June 30th for those who still havent taken it.
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    A 74 is good also!!! Remember you needed to get a 58% lol! Taking the TEAS test was so draining! I'm not sure how many times you can take it for UTMB! I would definitely ask an advisor before it again! Did you review and prepare for the test?
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    Hi zyb817,
    I think 74% is definitely a very good score. If u check the last trend before this you will see those with less score than you, who got admitted
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    Hey barb24 how long did it take for.you to get the supplemental app after your nuringcas app was submitted?
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    it took me about a week.
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    Ok thank you!!
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    Quote from futurepedrn22
    Good luck! Let us know how you do!!!!
    I just took it and I feel pretty good about it... we'll see. They gave me a paper that says my scores will be available online in 48hrs. Does it really take that long?

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