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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now... Read More

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    Quote from kmr13
    Last time I called, they were in the process of ranking everyone on the waitlist.
    And they're not going to tell us which number we are?

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    Quote from kmr13
    Last time I called, they were in the process of ranking everyone on the waitlist.
    When did you call and who did you speak to?
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    I finally received a wait list email today.
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    What does "inconsistent with immunity" mean? I got that on my hep B titer and I was wondering if I had to repeat the whole series again for Utmb?
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    Are you guys sure that we don't have to send TEAS scores again? I would think you do since we have to reapply. But the first time I took it, our scores were automatically sent. I don't know how to resend our old score now.. I couldn't find an option for UTMB on their list of schools to send it to.
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    I just learned about this site last week. I have read the last couple pages and I'm glad to know that I was and am in the same boat as some of you. I'm on the waiting list also. I'm attempting to make it in time just waiting for my transcript to get received by nursingCAS, I had 2 classes that I was taking when I applied for this semester. So to answer some questions on info that I have found out. They do rank the waiting list but they do not/will not tell us what our rank is nor how many people that are on the waiting list. Also I heard from a co-worker, I'm currently an LVN for UTMB now, that last semester they didn't have enough people on the waiting list supposedly because a lot of people dropped out like a day or 2 before classes started so be prepared till the very end you never know. Also if I remember correctly when they send the supplemental application if they haven't received your TEAS scores they will ask for them then.
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    Has anyone heard anything from the waitlist?
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    I haven't heard anything. Does anyone know if teas scores have to be resubmitted?
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    I just spoke with an advisor and she stated that teas scores do not have to be resubmitted
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    I found this in the FAQ section of NursingCas, so even if we end up having to resubmit scores, I'm guessing it would be later when UTMB asks for them.

    Q: Where do I send my test scores?

    A: ALL official test scores should be sent directly to your designated program(s). Your are able to self report your scores the “Test” section of your application.

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