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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now... Read More

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    For the bsn program, does utmb look at your volunteer experience and extracurricular activities?

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    What a mess kizzy04! I unfortunately also had a very long transcript with multiple colleges and it was a huge PITA! I am sure they will get it fixed over at UTMB.

    I am thinking about going to the February open house. I am very interested in what financial aid has to say about different options.
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    gfc123, I am not sure what all they look at, but I would think everything plays its little part in their reviews. I would make sure to tell them anything about yourself that makes you stand out as a prospective student.
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    Hi UTMB Hopefuls!
    I'm Megan R, One of the upper classman at UTMB Chosen to be the Co-Leader (along with Brett N) of the Pay it Forward Mentor Program at UTMB SON! We are both very active in student organizations and leaders in our classes. Brett has even worked for UTMB and has connections with all the staff. We hope to be great resources for you in the weeks, months, and (hopefully!) years to come!

    We know just how you feel right now playing the waiting game after submitting your application. We were in your shoes just this time last year. We are here to help ease your mind and help with the anxiety that comes from waiting on your letters! Please feel free to ask us questions about the process and the school of nursing. We would love to help you! Once letters go out, we have official UTMB class pages on facebook that you will be invited to join. There will be a lot of great information there about navigating UTMB life!

    That being said, it sounds like Nursing CAS is giving all of you some trouble and is causing some anxiety. Our class did not have to use Nursing CAS, so I'm going to pass along your questions and try to get some answers. Paperwork is very stressful, but you want to stay on top of it. With so many applicants, all the nursing schools have trouble keeping up sometimes. UTMB is no different. Make sure to keep copies of everything and continue to check on your mystar status to make sure nothing is outstanding. If you have questions, please call the admissions department and make sure you have completed all the requirements ( but please don't call everyday - they will get back to you

    Another important point to remember when posting on All Nurses is to keep your communication professional. These boards are monitored by staff and are completely public. Make sure to put your best foot forward!

    I'm going to go back and start reading your questions from the beginning. Please be patient with us! We are already neck deep into our semester and Nursing school likes to keep you VERY BUSY but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

    Co-Leader UTMB Pay It Forward Program
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    [QUOTE=gfc123;7108496]For those applying for the bsn program, does anyone know if you can take your prerequisites at a community college or is it preffered that they be taken at a 4 year university. And also, does utmb accept ap credit?[/QUOTE

    4 year university credits are not weighed heavier than CC credits. I went to a 4 year university before taking CC science pre-reqs for nursing school and I thought some of the CC science classes were harder than my classes at UT Austin! So please don't worry if you went to CC for pre-reqs!!
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    Quote from Bippy798
    Just a green circle. I figure from looking at past discussions it will be at least March before we hear a peep.
    True! I would not expect to hear anything until at least March, if not later. I'll try to keep up to date on how things are coming along and give you any info I can get
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    Quote from gfc123
    For the bsn program, does utmb look at your volunteer experience and extracurricular activities?
    YES! One of the things I love about UTMB is that they look at the 'whole student' when evaluating applications. They really do read your personal statements, so include all of your great leadership and volunteer experiences!!
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    Thank you for joining the conversation Megan! I am sure you will be a great resource for us all!
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    I am not sure if someone has asked this yet, I read through all the comments but maybe I missed it. I have completed my NCAS App, and got my letter in the mail to submit my supplemental application. So I went on the website and completed it and made my payment, it said to print the form and send it to the address listed, so I have it ready to go out in the mail. I havent' seen any guidance on how to send Teas scores, I thought there would be something on the supplemental app but there wasn't. Can anyone advise? I have everything else done just need to send my scores!
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    You have to do it on the ati website it's like $26.00, and yay I got my mystar information today with a green circle, can't wait till it's a green check mark! (Trying to stay positive) thanks everyone for being so supportive I know these next three to six months are going to drive us all crazy but we can get through this!

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