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HI! I am applying for the traditional BSN program at UTMB that starts Fall 2012. I am taking my TEAS this friday and I wanted to know if anyone else here is applying for the same semester. Hopefully there are others so I dont... Read More

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    same here it is so nice to have the whole day free to go to school without having to worry about the $ part of it!!

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    Does anyone know the graduation date for the class starting in the Fall? Would it go thru summer and finish in December of 2013 or does it give you the summer off and you graduate in Spring 2014?
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    They don't have Fall graduation. Their program graduates in Spring, so we would graduate Spring 2014. They dont go through summer if you start in the fall, but you can lighten the 3rd semester by taking some of those classes over the summer I believe. I'm actually registered to attend the info session on Feb 11.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    @readyforutmb...I have no idea how the schools are in Galveston, but I can tell you that my kids have been in a variety of different schools due to numerous moves. Your child should be fine for two years or so no matter where he goes to school. We moved from a very small (much easier) school district in the Austin area to Katy ISD 4 years ago, all of my children are thriving and doing great...they range in age from 10-16. The biggest thing is to make sure that your son is reading proficiently next year and that his basic math skills are good. Those will take him a long way! Good Luck to everyone!
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    @jaybird2009, I see that you are on this board and the UTHSC board. Do you have a school preference? Do you live in the Houston area? If admitted to UTMB are you planning on moving there? Good luck to you! Your scores look very competitive!
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    First choice is accelerated at UTHSC but Fall Pacesetter is easily gaining as #1 choice. UTMB is favored only in that I think I think it is a cool campus and I like the vibe of Galveston but as a single mom I cannot take that much time off from work so I need speedy programs so I can quit work and fly through and get back to work. I live in the loop and own a condo so moving would be a huge hassle but not altogether out of the equation. I honestly thought that when I started pursuing this that I had little chance of getting into UT but I am feeling a bit more confident that I have a chance. Trying to be optimistic and realistic. I even applied to UT in Tyler where I could move and have the help of my family. So, I have applied for technically 4 programs at 3 schools. Tedious process.
    What are your preferences?
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    Erika421- so do u know anyone that was accepted without even having an interview because of good grades and stuff?
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    I only know people who have been accepted after an interview but vaguely remember reading a post that mentioned that if the stats are good enough that you can bypass the interview. That would be pretty sweet though, huh?
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    yes that would be really awesome and the wait would probably be a lot shorter! Im not a naturally patient person... lol

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