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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for those who are applying to UTMB for Fall 2011. There are some really great (and long!) threads out there for Spring 2011 and earlier...but as I'm sure y'all know, the application... Read More

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    I also heard the TEAS was a bit harder than the HESI, mainly because the science portion in the TEAS covers more sciences?

    Since UTMB is the only nursing school I will be applying to for the Fall, it's really my only chance of graduating on time (or else I may be a semester or a year behind if I attend UT or TWU in the Spring of 2012 or Fall 2012.). I have a friend in the same boat as me. She just started volunteering at a hospital this week. Many of the nurses she works with recommended for her to apply to UT and TWU in Houston. The reason behind this is because they claim that UT and TWU will help graduating nurses find a job in a Houston. I'm afraid that it will be difficult for me to find a job in Houston if I graduate from UTMB. Do any of you know if UTMB works with Houston hospitals?

    I really want to volunteer! It's just very difficult trying to squeeze a lot of volunteer hours in between my class schedule. Does anyone know of any Houston hospitals that take a lot of volunteers and are flexible with schedules?

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    I have applied for the BSN program at UTMB, P.V., and Lamar. I was wondering how long after testing does the school receive the scores? Im really hoping to get into UTMB program. i wish you all the best of luck as the deadline for admission is fastly approaching. One last question is the Teas harder than the Hesi?
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    Hello again everyone! So I have a major issue. I live in the Houston area. If I do end up studying at UTMB, I was planning on moving to Galveston. Now, I have an issue! I've heard that clinicals will be in Galveston and ALSO in Houston at the med-center, etc. And that would be really, REALLY tiring trying to drive back and forth :/ I'm not sure what to do or how the students at UTMB do it. Does anyone have any more information about this or suggestions?
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    i'am in the same boat i also live in houston and i have heard, but don't quote me on it that if u leve in houston they will try to set up clinicals in houston. i read it in the fall 2010 threads, but i think im just gonna move to the island.
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    Yeah, I think they'll try to give you a site in your area, but that may also depend on how many people live in each place. I also wonder if it'll change up each semester...like are we each going to have a semester when we'll be driving a ton, no matter where we live? Hmm. I live in Austin now, so am planning to just move to the island.
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    I read in the paper this week that Metro and UTMB are starting a park and ride bus service from the Victory Lakes facility to UTMB main campus in Galveston.
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    I'm not sure what my plans are with moving if I do get accepted, but I guess I'll decide that later and carpooling can be arranged I'm really nervous about acceptance from reading all of the other threads! **** has told me that the overall gpa pool for the applicants of Fall 2011 are from 3.3-3.4.
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    @ RosalieDao you will be fine! Im clueless on trying to figure out the mystar website does your show your transcript?
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    No, my Mystar doesn't show anything! All it says is that I have completed my application. But it said that before I even sent in my transcript I emailed **** and asked how I will be able to find out if my application is entirely complete, so she should reply by tomorrow morning.
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    I thougth i was online with this my star website, but im going to read and post through the spring 2011 and see what they have to say. Thank you

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