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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for those who are applying to UTMB for Fall 2011. There are some really great (and long!) threads out there for Spring 2011 and earlier...but as I'm sure... Read More

  1. by   twoy83
    i'am in the same boat i also live in houston and i have heard, but don't quote me on it that if u leve in houston they will try to set up clinicals in houston. i read it in the fall 2010 threads, but i think im just gonna move to the island.
  2. by   chaos0058
    Yeah, I think they'll try to give you a site in your area, but that may also depend on how many people live in each place. I also wonder if it'll change up each semester...like are we each going to have a semester when we'll be driving a ton, no matter where we live? Hmm. I live in Austin now, so am planning to just move to the island.
  3. by   tacman66
    I read in the paper this week that Metro and UTMB are starting a park and ride bus service from the Victory Lakes facility to UTMB main campus in Galveston.
  4. by   RosalieDao
    I'm not sure what my plans are with moving if I do get accepted, but I guess I'll decide that later and carpooling can be arranged I'm really nervous about acceptance from reading all of the other threads! **** has told me that the overall gpa pool for the applicants of Fall 2011 are from 3.3-3.4.
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  5. by   twoy83
    @ RosalieDao you will be fine! Im clueless on trying to figure out the mystar website does your show your transcript?
  6. by   RosalieDao
    No, my Mystar doesn't show anything! All it says is that I have completed my application. But it said that before I even sent in my transcript I emailed **** and asked how I will be able to find out if my application is entirely complete, so she should reply by tomorrow morning.
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  7. by   twoy83
    I thougth i was online with this my star website, but im going to read and post through the spring 2011 and see what they have to say. Thank you
  8. by   Hopefull2013
    I'll be applying to UTMB traditional program this Fall 2011. Good Luck to All
  9. by   Hopefull2013
    How long did it take you guys to get your econnect information from the time you applied? And does it show you if they've received transcripts etc? I just decided to apply so am having to rush a couple of things, and I know the deadline will get here before I know it.
  10. by   twoy83
    It took less than a week to get the mystar login and it doesn't show if my transcript was received.
  11. by   tacman66
    It was about one week after I sent in my App that I got the mystar login via email. It does not show anything on my transcripts though. Anyone know what number to call to verify transcripts and teas score receipt at UTMB?
  12. by   Hopefull2013
    I emailed enrollment services and they replied that it will take 2-3 wks after submitting the application that I will receive some sort of login information for a student portal (mystar maybe???) to monitor the receipt of my documents.

    They were really quick to reply, I just hope it takes 1wk as opposed to 2-3 like they said.
  13. by   punkydoodlesRN
    I'm finally ready to submit my application, and was wondering about the option to upload documents at the end. What, if anything, would they be looking for??