UTMB BACC2 Spring 2012

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    I wanted to start a thread for those applying for UTMB's 2012 accelerated nursing program. The application is open April 1-July 15. I was told invites for interviews start after the application is closed and interviews start end July-August. Does anyone have any additional information? Has anyone applied before? Know of any interview questions? Please share everything you know!!!!!!!

    Good luck to everyone

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    Are you sure the application deadline is July 15? I thought the website stated June 15.
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    Sorry June 15!!!!! SORRY Are you applying? Have you applied before or know anything about the process?
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    I'm actually applying for the traditional BSN program for the spring 2012. It's my first time so I'm new to all this aswell. However, I've heard that interviews will start towards mid/end of July.
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    utmb bacc2 spring 2011 post from last year seems helpful. i will be sending in my app before the end of the month
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    Does anyone know if you want to apply to both the BACC2 and the traditional, do you have to submit two different applications?
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    newme10 - no just submit one to the best fit program and include a sentence in the supporting statement indicating your desire to be considered for the other program as well.

    also new for 2012 - we are supposed to take the teas v exam which was not required last year before the application deadline of june 15th.

    to our sucess!
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    I just read through some of the UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011 posts and am really worried now. Posts dated in September were saying they are now getting interview invites. An adviser at UTMB told me that we should expect them early July and interviews should start end July. I currently live in Japan and will be flying to the states for the summer to take some prereqs lab classes and be there in case I get an interview. I really don't want to be in the states from mid May until Sept/Oct!
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    I submitted my application April 3. Does anyone know where/how to check the status of your application. I want to make sure my official transcripts make it there! I received an email saying "Correspondence will be forthcoming in 3-5 business days" and it's been 10 business days. Thanks
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    Hello You guys! I will be applying to UTMB for spring 2012 as well. I have so many mixed emotions. It's perfect to get on here and chat with your guys about the nursing program.

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