UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011

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    Just wanted to start a thread to see how many others have applied to the BACC2 program and hopefully we can keep track when interviews start, letters get sent, etc.

    So, have you sent in your application, and when do you think you will first hear something? I know last year, interviews didn't start until October, but I have a feeling that they were still trying to play catch-up from Ike. Considering that some of the Fall 2010 applicants were contacted on March 1st for interviews when the application period ended Feb. 15th, I'm hoping that maybe August could be a possiblity for us to hear from UTMB. Any one else have thoughts about this?

    Here's to all the BACC2 2011 applicants! Good luck!

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    Hi Claker,

    Good luck with the application process. The process can take awhile, you just have to have patience. The interviews are straight forward and the people interviewing are all very nice.

    I was apart of the Fall 2010 applicants but, was asked have a spot in the Bacc2 program. I accepted and now am waiting to start in January. There were 17 others that also have accepted from what I hear.
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    I sent in my application last week. I still have not received a confirmation or log-in from UTMB to confirm receipt of the application and transcripts. Did you receive this, Clarker?
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    I would give them sometime. It took me a month to receive anything from them. They are extremely busy and have tons of applicants.
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    I sent mine in a while ago and already have my e-connect info, so now it's just time to sit and wait. It did take about 2.5 to 3 weeks for me to get the e-connect info though.

    I see that it only took the Fall 2010 applicants about a month or so after the deadline to start hearing about interviews. That's way better than the group BACC2 group from this year. They didn't hear until October and the deadline was July 15th! I would love it if I knew they were starting interviews in August instead of October!

    What is everyone's other degree in and are you still working on any prereqs? I have a Biochem degree, and am finishing up Lifespan, Nutrition, and Microbiology.
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    My degree is in Photography and I've finished all my classes. I am just waiting for the insanity to begin.

    Did anyone take their prereqs at San Jac? It's also a good idea to take pathophysiology. Previous students have said that it helps with path/pharmacology.
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    Did you just take A&PII this spring on Saturdays at San Jac?
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    I did! I thought that might be you. How are classes going?
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    Yay, someone I know! I was going to add to my last post, that it's Kristina who sat 2 seats behind you but didn't want to sound like a total idiot in case it was someone else.

    Classes are going great (got A's in both A&P's thank goodness), just finished Stats last week and actually just took my first Lifespan test tonight. Doesn't look like it will be too bad now that I know how to study for it.

    That's awesome they let you into the BACC2 program early! What a relief it must be to know where you are going to end up. Will you actually be done earlier this way?

    I'm not going to take pathophysiology since I've already taken so many science classes that deal along those lines, but I've also read that it's a real good head start for UTMB. Anyone out there that needs an extra science credit definitely should try it out.
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    How funny!!! I'm glad you are on here.

    Now that you have AP done it's all down hill from here. Those are the two hardest classes and the rest of the prereqs are pretty easy.

    I had already told my boss that I would be leaving in August to start school and then I got a letter of acceptance into the Bacc2. My boss was happy I wasn't leaving early. I am able to finish the program a year earlier than expected and start my new career. Yay!!!!!

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