UTMB Accelerated BSN Summer 2013

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    The application opened for this program just opened the other day, and I wanted to see if I could reach out to anyone else applying!

    I've submitted my application, and took the TEAS V Test this morning!

    I graduated Texas A&M with a Biology Degree this year and during completion of this degree I realized Nursing is where I want to be! Hope to hear from others!
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    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Hey csmo,

    I submitted my application last night. I just graduated from University of Houston last May with a Health and Nutrition degree, and I took my TEAS test last month!
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    Me too, completed my application and submitted to NursingCAS. Also, took the TEAS, but did not do well since my background in not natural science. My first degree is in Statistics and I have been taking my pre-requisit courses and I am left only with chemistry which I plan to take in the Spring, 2013. Currently, I am taking 3 courses: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Ethics. I hope that we will all get in. A lot of strength guys in the application process!
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    I actually graduated from Texas A&M as well (BS in Psychology, Class of '11). I recently submitted my application to UHV and am currently working on my application for UTMB. I just took the TEAS V Test last week. Do you happen to know what the average TEAS score is for the UTMB applicant pool? And are you applying to any other schools?
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    Awesome. I applied to UHV as well! I think the average changes every application period depending on who applies and the average among those applicants. I have talked to an advisor and they said a score in the 70's is looked at as a good score and still competitive.
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    Do you know how many applications they usually receive for the Accelerated BSN program?
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    Has anyone heard anything?
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    Quote from DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Has anyone heard anything?
    I haven't yet, but the application deadline isn't even until November 15 so it might be a while.
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    Howdy friends! I've graduated from A&M with an Allied Health degree and have applied to UTMBs accelerated track for Spring 2013. I have submitted everything. Any idea when they tell us their admission decision? Good luck to everyone!