UTMB Accelerated BSN Summer 2013

  1. The application opened for this program just opened the other day, and I wanted to see if I could reach out to anyone else applying!

    I've submitted my application, and took the TEAS V Test this morning!

    I graduated Texas A&M with a Biology Degree this year and during completion of this degree I realized Nursing is where I want to be! Hope to hear from others!
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
  4. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Hey csmo,

    I submitted my application last night. I just graduated from University of Houston last May with a Health and Nutrition degree, and I took my TEAS test last month!
  5. by   gwin2015
    Me too, completed my application and submitted to NursingCAS. Also, took the TEAS, but did not do well since my background in not natural science. My first degree is in Statistics and I have been taking my pre-requisit courses and I am left only with chemistry which I plan to take in the Spring, 2013. Currently, I am taking 3 courses: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Ethics. I hope that we will all get in. A lot of strength guys in the application process!
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  6. by   kitchentorn

    I actually graduated from Texas A&M as well (BS in Psychology, Class of '11). I recently submitted my application to UHV and am currently working on my application for UTMB. I just took the TEAS V Test last week. Do you happen to know what the average TEAS score is for the UTMB applicant pool? And are you applying to any other schools?
  7. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Awesome. I applied to UHV as well! I think the average changes every application period depending on who applies and the average among those applicants. I have talked to an advisor and they said a score in the 70's is looked at as a good score and still competitive.
  8. by   amautmb
    Do you know how many applications they usually receive for the Accelerated BSN program?
  9. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Has anyone heard anything?
  10. by   boo_ah_peek
    Quote from DeeGeeNurse2Be
    Has anyone heard anything?
    I haven't yet, but the application deadline isn't even until November 15 so it might be a while.
  11. by   aggie2013
    Howdy friends! I've graduated from A&M with an Allied Health degree and have applied to UTMBs accelerated track for Spring 2013. I have submitted everything. Any idea when they tell us their admission decision? Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   Jesbustos
    Hey...is this program for people who hold a BA in a non nursing background? Is this is first semsester for this program ?
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  14. by   gwin2015
    The office of enrollment sent me the supplemental application for the accelerated BSN. I immediately completed the application and sent it back. Has ay one received the supplemental application? Now the waiting begins, right?
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