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The application opened for this program just opened the other day, and I wanted to see if I could reach out to anyone else applying! I've submitted my application, and took the TEAS V Test this... Read More

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    I just received the same email...Juliasmom. I turned my application in several months ago. Long before the first deadline. I can't imagine that it is just now complete.
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    check my comment below
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    I'm going to call them. I got the same e-mail. What does that even mean?! School starts in May!
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    I just got an email for an interview!!
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    I received the same e-mail today! It had me worried because I submitted everything a long time ago. When I called this afternoon, she said they won't know anything until Mid-March. Keep your fingers crossed! If we haven't had a rejection e-mail yet then it probably means we are still being considered for admission...hopefully! I wonder how many spots have opened up?!
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    I received an email yesterday inviting me for an interview
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    I still can not find the group. I know you link is not allowed to be posted on here- any way you can message it to me? Thanks!
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    ugh this site doesn't let me send messages.. I hope they dont delete this but if you type in "facebook dot com slash groups slash 357334401047942" ...that is the web address.
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    Howdy everyone! I've been watching this page for a while and just never got an account started haha. I was accepted in February and I'm so excited! Thanks [COLOR=#003366]ariraspa for starting the facebook page. Also, it's good to see quite a few aggies in here Whoop!
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    Hi guys I have an apartment available for sub-lease thats seriously less than 3 minute drive from campus with no traffic or problems! I was recent student at UTMB and had to leave due to an extreme family situation and unfortunatley I can't get out of my lease If anyone is interested in leasing please get back to me soon. You can email me at samanthawolfe2@aol.com if you're interested and we can get into further details then. Also if y'all have a facebook page please let me know so I can post on their as well. Good luck to all those applying and to those who've already been accepted!!

    I found the facebook page so I posted on there just now.
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    Anyone interviewing this week?
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    I had my interview on the 7th and got my acceptance email today!!!