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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I can stay patient during the... Read More

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    I have a 3.49 GPA and 86 on the TEAS and I was accepted. I also have work experience and significant volunteer experience in public health.

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    I think the most important thing is to have a good TEAs score... Like at least an 80. The Fall 2012 traditional BSN their average TEAs score was an 79...
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    Thanks for the quick responses and encouraging words! I made a 93 on the TEAS test and have also volunteered for three semesters through one of the local hospitals around A&M! I'm so excited that everyone is so nice and upbeat about the application process and I hope to be meeting y'all this summer!!!!

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    I'll try to be upbeat... I actually stumbled across your discussion while doing another search and thought I would throw in some advice as I'm halfway through the accelerated program.

    Transcripts - Start early. Some schools, like SAC, struggle with their system and it is apparently like pulling teeth the get them. Some students were in tears over the issue and were threatened to be removed from school if they didn't get it by a deadline. Just document things and communicate with the administration office.

    Vaccinations - Get these out of the way too. Go to the Med Clinic for titers and HEB for everything else. Let HEB know that there IS A RAPID SCHEDULE FOR THE COMBO HEP VACCINATIONS as this was news to them. Just ask them to read about the vaccination and the information is there.

    The program - hmm... It needs some work. I actually looked at some slides for a class in the next semester and smiled to myself as I read something like, "We feel like you guys are pioneers! This is new to us and we are learning from you!" The accelerated program is fairly new to them and they are constantly tweaking it. I like what they are doing for you guys with Pathophysiology running the entire semester instead of a crash course like we had which was actually better than what the previous cohort had. I suppose they are trying but one can sense the frustration in the faculty and administration. They are truly shuffling staff to meet our needs and don't have a full-time faculty yet. I would also mention that this is definitely a program that requires supplemental work from the student. If you want to become a knowledgeable nursing student, you'll have to do the extra work on your own for proper absorption or just to get the information.

    Books - Late editions will work. Save your money.

    ATI - This is NCLEX study material that is forced on you. If you treat them as textbooks, it is easier to swallow. I've found success just reading them instead of the text.

    Attrition rate - We have lost some fellow students to grades, conduct, and personal reasons. The school is demanding at times but very doable. We have actually had segments in semesters where it didn't feel like we were doing anything at all and that someone had taken their foot off of the accelerator. Enjoy those times and play volleyball.

    That's it for now. I think it would truly be funny to invite our class on here to give advice and to tell about their experiences, but I fear that their opinions would frighten or discourage you upon hearing the ways the program is falling short for the students. I personally want the UTHSCSA degree to mean something to employers but there really isn't anything that makes us stand out right now. It takes high standards from the school and students that accept that challenge but the school is soft. That's a long story... Demand the most out of the school and help the higher-ups make it the place to be for the next cohort.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Yikes! And for heaven's sake, buy a Macbook over the Dell! We call it Dell Hell or Delltention when they have to leave the room because their Dell acts up with UTHSCSA's system or testing software. You were warned... Delltention is a real place.
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    Quote from Seusssa
    Yikes! And for heaven's sake, buy a Macbook over the Dell! We call it Dell Hell or Delltention when they have to leave the room because their Dell acts up with UTHSCSA's system or testing software. You were warned... Delltention is a real place.
    Thanks for chiming in, Seusssa. I'd love to hear more, even if it might be a little scary. Lol...I'd rather be prepared. I was thinking of working 1 or 2 PRN shifts a month as a CNA during the program. Is that doable? Also do u still recommend the MacBook, even if I have no experience using Mac products?...and how much do they cost? Thanks!
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    seusssa thank you for your advice. It helps a lot...I just have one stupid question. Where can I find the Med Clinic for my titer? I went to my primary care but they are quite busy and told me the next appointment open is 4 weeks from now. If you have the link to their website, that would be great.... again, thank you for your input and help.
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    They'll tell you not too but some are working as it is a necessity. Maybe hold off for the first half of the semester to acclimate yourself to the program? Dells have had issues and the users are frustrated. I didn't have any experience with Macs but it can be picked up quickly. Audionotes is a cool tool I use in Word that lets you record the lecture while taking notes. Every time the presenter changes slides, I push enter and then the number of the slide and if I need to listen to that portion again it is tagged saving tons of time. I don't listen to the entire lecture but just the ones that I need more info. Get a Mac and if you have questions about it go to the support group on campus (they are helpful) or just watch Youtube videos about the issue you are having. I think the Macbook 13.5" was $1,400 and is the cheapest they offer. 80% of the class has a Mac...
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    I got my done at the Franklin Clinic with little. The doctor was great and didn't charge me a fee for the visit since she saw what it was for. They were very helpful.
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    Is anyone planning on starting a Facebook page for our class? If not, I can start one.

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