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I've been watching all the UTHSCSA posts for a while waiting for someone to start one up for the May 2011 accelerated program, and finally decided to take the initiative and see if there is anyone... Read More

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    Sucks that ******* is not going to be able to answer any of your questions anymore. They got rid of him over a super stupid thing. It's just silly that UTHSCSA has done that. They could have told him not to do that anymore, but no they fired the most helpful and friendly person who was ready to welcome you there, answer every possible question you have, and make you feel at home. Well it's UTHSCSA loss... big loss
    Anyways, good luck to you all

    - 1st semester student (Class of Fall 2012)
    Last edit by Medic2RN on Apr 22, '11 : Reason: Please do not use school personnel names in posts

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    Hey guys I have a quick question about books if yall could help,

    I wasn't sure which Fund. of Nursing book to buy. I definitely won't buy at the bookstore because it cost so much so I'm left with two choices.

    Edition:7TH 09

    The First is at http://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-N...p_ob_title_bk\
    Mosby; 7 edition (December 5, 2008)

    The other is at http://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-N...pr_product_top
    Mosby; 7 edition (March 20, 2008)

    I emailed the professor and she told me I need the 2009 edition which I can't find. Also the ISBN number on her syllabus and the bookstore are for different editions.

    Thanks for yalls help,

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