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Hi All, Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for... Read More

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    Hi everyone I'm new here obviously. I didn't get that e-mail either and I've been checking all afternoon. Even made sure its not in spam. What info was in the e-mail?

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    I got the email earlier and it just has a bunch of forms that need to be filled out and returned to the office of admissions. The most important is the response that secures your spot, which must be turned in by Aprill 19th. They also sent out the official admissions letter saying what must be completed prior to admission to the program (pre-reqs, background check, matriculation deposit, etc...). Insurance verification, immunization form, scholarship application, code of conduct, and confidentiality form are all included in the email. Also it gives a little bit of info on the computer purchase requirement. If you haven't gotten an email I suggest you contact the school since they need a response by the 19th, but someone said they got the email yesterday and I barely got it today so maybe they are still not done sending letters out.
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    Thanks for the info! A friend of mine also didn't get an e-mail so maybe they are sending more tomorrow. Does anyone know if we can apply for financial aid yet?
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    Get your FAFSA in NOW! The email has a form for scholarships but you need to get your FAFSA in to get the need based one. Make sure you direct the information to the school.
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    Yup! I got the email too, around 6pm. It IS real now!!
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    No email yet. Hopefully the rest of us will get it this morning?
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    Yea, I'm still waiting too. Has anyone who didnt get one email the school? If I don't get one by the end of the day, I think I may.
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    Vanmad, did you get yours? I finally got it this afternoon, luckily I didn't have to call anyone about it. I'm figuring it was just because I'm at the bottom half of the alphabet.
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    Wow... talk about a lot of forms! haha... so the only one that's really due asap is the acceptance/ rejection of the seat you're offered right? All the other forms-- code of conduct, immunization, scholarship, and etc. are due later? I know the scholarship one is due on April 27th... just double checking! Thanks!
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    I got it! thanks! man I'm so pumped, BUUTTT I'm a little upset about this having to buy a new laptop from the school I just got a Sony this past summer and now I'm gonna have to sell it. greaaaat.

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