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    Anyone applying for UTHSCH's ABSN program starting in May 2011?

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    I applied for the Accelerated BSN Program to start in May. Any idea if they have started sending out interview letters yet?
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    Wow, I'm glad someone replied to this thread. I had pretty much given up on whether there was anyone else on allnurses who was applying for May!

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have any clue when we'll find out about interviews. I think they are sending out acceptance letters in the first part of March, but I don't know the timeline for interviews. Seems like it should be soon.
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    I'm kind of surprised as well that there isn't much activity about it. It seems like all of the other threads are very active. I got the letter about them changing the program from 3 to 4 semesters the week before Christmas but so far no interview letter. I will post here if I receive one. I'm planning on applying to the accelerated program at UTMB for Spring 2012 if this doesn't work out.
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    I applied to the Accelerated BSN program at UTHSC starting Summer 2011 and I got an email today inviting me to an interview on Feb 8, so I guess they have started notifying people...Good luck to everyone
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    I got an email invitation today as well. Mine is on Feb 14th. Good luck!
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    Hey guys ... so i got an offer to start in may. but there was nothing said about an interview ... i got my packet and everything. ive already turned in my immunization record and done the criminal background check. Is the interview required? im worrie now

    hold on ... is this for houston?
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    First, congratulations!

    Second, I'm guessing you are talking about San Antonio, not Houston... yea? :-)
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    Thanks for the Congrats and best of luck for you! I figure i was in the wrong forum .. but i thought .. i might as well, give it a shot =)


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