UTHSC-Houston Fall 2012 Applicants - page 110

Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner... Read More

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    I was thinking about taking it again but don't want to mess my grades especially in critical thinking cause I really don't know how to study for it

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    @nici0513 did you have all 4 sciences finished when you applied? or how many did you have and what were they? i know a girl hemphia got accepted and she had all 4 sciences finished with all a's and 4 classes left to take when she was accepted. i wonder if they start with those who have all sciences finished because all a's in that is basically saying you'll do good in the program since its all science. (hope this makes sense) im of course freaking out about everything lol
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    Does anyone know if they combine repeated courses, or if they just take the highest grade?
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    Quote from UTMB2012
    Does anyone know if they combine repeated courses, or if they just take the highest grade?
    They take the highest grade.
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    When courses are repeated, they take the most recent grade, which could be lower.
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    Is there anyone on this discussion forum that is already in the UTHSC PhD program? If so, I would love to hear from you!

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    Hey everybody!
    I was just curious if anyone has heard of a situation like mine before. I was accepted in fall of 2012 for generic BSN @ UTHSC-Houston and was accepted, but was not done with all my pre-reqs yet. Does anyone know if my chances are pretty good for getting in this time around(fall 2013)?
    Thanks and good luck to you all!
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    You either get in or you don't. You can estimate a probability, but a good chance is not the same as a real acceptance. It's hard to be patient, but worrying about it doesn't help at all.
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    lvl1, may I ask what I could expect as pay as a pca at MH? I have a few years experience and do blood, and I want to know what to ask.
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    For anyone who is currently enrolled or graduated - did they drug test you throughout school at random times? I'm concerned about some of my medications affecting possible test results. I know they test you to get in, but I haven't been able to figure out who I contact regarding my medications, since according to HIPAA you can't tell the drug testing center what medications you're on.

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