UT Tyler Spring 2014

  1. Hello, I just wanted to create this thread to see who else was applying to UT Tyler for the Spring of 2014? I am applying as a transfer student and would love to meet some other nursing students. Feel free to post any comments, questions, etc. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   frivoloussal

    I'm applying for Spring '14, and am currently finishing my last nursing prereq course at TJC. I'll be taking the TEAS test on 8/24. I'm getting really nervous!

    Good luck!
  4. by   JimenaMarquez
    I have applied to Ut Tyler for Spring 2014! I am so nervous and hopeful!! I have about 83-84 points and worried its not good enough
  5. by   furelite
    Hi! I have applied for the ABSN program through UT Tyler. If accepted, the ABSN doesn't formally start until May 2014, but in the spring we are required to take Pharmacology, Nursing Concepts and something else (9 hours). I am not sure why they don't count that as part of the program, as you can't take the courses unless you are accepted into the formal program. I guess it is so they can still say the program is only 16 months, LOL. I finished all of my prerequisites over the summer and now am just waiting. I am taking a medical math course on line, as I don't want to be concerned with my math skills with so much other stuff going on. Good luck to everyone. I think we all find out sometime by the end of October?
  6. by   bvaughan
    Hey! I am applying for the LVN to BSN program for the spring! Good luck to everyone. I am finishing my prereqs, including pathophysiology and nursing concepts now. Super nervous and excited! It looks like last year they found out around the end of October. Good luck everyone!
  7. by   prhodes92
    I applied to the UT Palestine campus...I am core complete and have an Associates degree. Im so nervous!!!
  8. by   oldtexan
    You will get in prhodes92. You have good point sheet and you are passing patho! I hope that we all get in! I just hope that they don't take forever to notify us! You also have extra points for the app from last Spring. From what I can see, the students were getting in as transfer students last Fall with 75 points. They seemed to have very good TEAS scores and decent grades with 3.5 Gpa over all. So, I don't understand why they only had 75 points. But they were getting in with those point sheets. Some from UT Austin, some from UT Arlington. They were students that could not get in at those schools, but were having success at UT Tyler. Maybe we will have some success ourselves?
  9. by   mrslazaro
    Hello. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  10. by   JimenaMarquez
    I have n!!! Do you think it will be until monday??
    Im soooo nervous
  11. by   mrslazaro
    I don't know. I think that if i haven't heard anything by now it's probably because I didn't get in
  12. by   JimenaMarquez
    I doubt you are right.. Im pretty sure they woll let us know monday.
  13. by   JimenaMarquez
    Last year they sent out emails Oct 27
  14. by   mrslazaro
    Hopefully others will post.