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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Nursing school is going to be what you make of it. For example, a traditional prog will spend a semester on pediatrics, you literally get 6 days at UHV. So when u do clinical, get in there and do and see stuff! Try not to waste it being scared ( I was terrified! ).
    When I graduated I did not feel ready to start working. I dont think any new grad does. I was blessed to find a new grad residency to see me through! (Apply early for those!!)

    First get through shool, then worry about being a new nurse. That is a whole different challenge. One thing at a time.

    Honestly, I hated nursing school and my first yr as an RN was incredibly tough and I think I didn't like nursing. I still have horrible days, but that happens with any job in any career.

    Now, 2 yrs under my belt, I am confident enough to work alone (as in running a dept), I like my job, im glad I changed careers, my shedule is the bomb, I get paid well, and most of all (why I became a nurse).., I help sick children as a career!!!

    It can be done.
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    Thanks for the honesty!! I will definitely remember all of that advice. Now, hopefully I get accepted to UHV so I can put it to practice!