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  1. by   Kekebrwn
    I want to apply but afraid I will not be competive enough. I have a 2.86 g.p.a for my first degree and a postbacc of about 3.4. I only scored a 76% on the Teas V overall. I have already been accepted to an ADN program but would rather get a BSN because my ultimate goal is to be a NP.
  2. by   dman03
    Definitely apply! I had a 2.91 GPA but my science GPA was 3.66....I had a 79% on my TEAS (I think!) and I got in!! If you get an interview, work your butt off to make them notice you! It worked for me!
  3. by   Kekebrwn
    Great job on your science Since NursingCas calculates every course you have ever taken my science is really low. Like a 2.95. I tried emailing and calling them but I never get a response.
  4. by   dman03
    What is your overall GPA Kekebrwn?? I know it says Cumulative 3.0 on the website, but I got in! So I will encourage you all to still apply. I didn't ask how I got in, whether it was my NursingCAS statement, science GPA, or my amazing personality (haha!), but it's worth trying
  5. by   Kekebrwn
    You mean overall for all the required prereqs?
  6. by   Kekebrwn
    If you are just talking about overall for prereqs then my Gpa is like a 3.46. Still kind of low. I have A's and B's in all my sciences except Chemistry. Which I refuse to take over. I wanted to ask them how many applicants have they had for this app period.
  7. by   Kekebrwn
    Overall for science is 3.06. I am feeling discouraged. I wish they would answer their phone and emails.
  8. by   dman03
    Don't be discouraged!! Unfortunately you are unlikely to get anyone's response quickly since we are starting a brand new semester on Monday. It's so hectic at this time! Keep trying...don't give up!
  9. by   tlc0584
    I think you are going to have a tough time getting a response from the Sugarland location for now because when I called to get an appointment, a lady told me that the advisor had left the job over there and they have a new advisor to take her spot. They have some kind of orientation soon at the Cinco Ranch location soon but I couldnt go cause of school.

    I just recently applied and turned in all my paperwork. Hope I get in.
  10. by   Kekebrwn
    Thanks for your help and encouragement dman03!
  11. by   Kekebrwn
    I hope you get in too. Did you apply to any other schools?
  12. by   tlc0584
    Im applying to UHV for the spring class and TWU for the fall class. The deadline for TWU is February so I still have time. Im just worried about my GPA. Its around a 3.1, but I have all A's in my science classes since I took most of them last year. Hopefully my TEAS score helps me out. I got an 87.3.
  13. by   mrmrz3
    I am applying to the program too. I hope I get in! I started a thread for this, but being new to the site, wasn't sure it got posted in the correct place.

    A quick question for the person who is currently in the program--Do you get to choose what campus you attend, between Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch? Or is it just assigned?

    I am nervous/excited, and wish everyone the best of luck!