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  1. by   bambina_12
    Dont lose faith nurse101010.. remember we all still have to confim our acceptance and if someone declines there will be spaces available..
  2. by   boo_ah_peek
    Oh my gosh! Just got my acceptance letter!!! I honestly thought that I wouldn't make it. Congratulations to everyone who got in, and good luck to y'all who are still waiting!
  3. by   resilient
    Congrats everyone that has been accepted!!!nothing for me yet . Not sure why they would send decisions out in waves when they only have 120 applications to look at .In looking at previous threads they sent all acceptance emails out at the same time but I will stay optimistic. I thought for sure I would get in but everything happens for a reason I guess....Congrats again to everyone that has been accepted I know you all work hard to get in and you definitely deserve it!
  4. by   islander09
    @chocolate88...I just looked, and from what I can tell you must have 15 "quality topics" on this site, and I don't have any topics that I have started. Too bad! Hmmmm...I'm trying to think of another way we can trade info...
  5. by   adrianneee
    I am in the same boat as you resilient. It is hard not to feel down but I am trying to stay optimistic as well. Whatever happens, happens I suppose. And like you said.... everything happens for a reason. Hang in there!

    Congrats to everyone!
  6. by   boo_ah_peek
    Chocolate88 what is the group called? I can't send private messages
  7. by   Chocolate88
    It's a closed group but maybe you can request to join it.. I didn't create it so not sure how to change the settings but here's the group:

    UHV Second Degree BSN Spring 2013
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  8. by   boo_ah_peek
    Got it! Thank you
  9. by   resilient
    I received an acceptance email!! It was in my junk email so everyone that is still waiting make sure that you check it. Its weird that it went there especially since I received other emails from UHV. Cant wait to meet everyone
  10. by   adijatsab
    I got in too! Looking forward to working closely with you all. great group we got this year.
  11. by   vrs001
    I got in as well! I am waiting to be accepted to the facebook group. I am so excited to meet everyone!
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  12. by   Redmust03
    Congrats to everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and the upcoming year. I too have been accepted.
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  13. by   Medic2RN
    Quote from islander09 do i send a private message on here? thanks!
    Here is a tutorial on how to send Private Messages on Allnurses.

    Hope this helps!