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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Don't be discouraged!! Unfortunately you are unlikely to get anyone's response quickly since we are starting a brand new semester on Monday. It's so hectic at this time! Keep trying...don't give up!
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    I think you are going to have a tough time getting a response from the Sugarland location for now because when I called to get an appointment, a lady told me that the advisor had left the job over there and they have a new advisor to take her spot. They have some kind of orientation soon at the Cinco Ranch location soon but I couldnt go cause of school.

    I just recently applied and turned in all my paperwork. Hope I get in.
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    Thanks for your help and encouragement dman03!
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    I hope you get in too. Did you apply to any other schools?
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    Im applying to UHV for the spring class and TWU for the fall class. The deadline for TWU is February so I still have time. Im just worried about my GPA. Its around a 3.1, but I have all A's in my science classes since I took most of them last year. Hopefully my TEAS score helps me out. I got an 87.3.
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    I am applying to the program too. I hope I get in! I started a thread for this, but being new to the site, wasn't sure it got posted in the correct place.

    A quick question for the person who is currently in the program--Do you get to choose what campus you attend, between Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch? Or is it just assigned?

    I am nervous/excited, and wish everyone the best of luck!
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    I agree with mrmrz3. I had the same question!
    Good luck to you too!

    I have another question too, and I am sure I already asked this but, do we need to send our transcripts directly to UHV as well? Already sent to NursingCAS.
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    Anyone else going to the information session tonight at Cinco Ranch? I plan on going
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    You do get to pick your campus, but not the hospitals you rotate at. Although for this last semester if you were in Cinco Ranch you got a Katy hospital instead of Sugar Land so that was cool.

    For the Nursingcas question, send it to them only.

    And everyone come out to the info session tonight. A few of us will be there to answer questions!!
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    I have a quick question if anyone can help. I have completed the NursingCAS application and faxed in all my paperwork needed by the school. I am just wondering if I also have to apply to the school itself because there is no instruction in the application process to apply for UHV. Do you apply later after in the process?