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    Also to any previous nursing student they always state that the program is intense. Is it intense because of the studying and retaining information? I'm trying to figure this out because I am nervous. Also I have children is the program doable with children and advice please. Thanks

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    This is a question for those who are currently in the second degree BSN program. What are the typical hours per day? I know the program is extensive. I'm just wondering how many hour are class time and how many clinical? Thanks.
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    This is the first semester schedule:
    Monday: 8:30 to 3:30
    Tuesday: 8 to 2:30 (test day!)
    Wednesday: Clinical(6.15am to 3.30ish) or Virtual Online day
    Thursday: 11.30 to 7
    Friday: Clinical or virtual online day
    SAT/SUN: Study, study, study + assignments
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    The UHV second degree nursing describes on their website the criteria for getting in (TEAS scores, interview, GPA etc.). The program is very intense it becomes your life but you have to keep reminding yourself it is only a year. It is intense because it is time consuming although the class schedule does not seem too bad you spend most hours outside of class studying/completing paperwork or other assignments. It is also intense because each test covers about 30-38 chapters so yes the studying and trying to retain that much information is difficult. There are quite a few students with kids and families that are doing just fine grade wise. Anyone in this program needs a lot of support from friends or family. You pretty much teach yourself mostly by reading and going through the power points. You have to be ready for this program to become your life but that is the decision you make when you earn a bachelor's of nursing in a year.
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    Hey everyone! I am new to this thread! I will be applying to UHV for the accelerated nursing program for the spring 2014. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I currently have a 3.0 in science gpa and a 2.8 in my previous degree. Do you guys recommend that I apply?
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    Hi dove01,

    I am applying for the Accelerated BSN program beginning spring 2014 as well!

    I'm sure there are previous/current students that can give better advice than I can, but I would say that you should still apply! I have been reading through this thread, and I think I remember someone saying that they got accepted with a cumulative GPA that was below 3.0, but their science GPA was pretty good and they did well on the TEAS.

    Have you looked into the accelerated BSN program at UTHSC Houston? I am applying there as well. I believe they only require a cumulative GPA of 2.75, and a science GPA of at least 3.0...

    Best of luck to you!
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    Is anyone else applying to the spring 2014 Accelerated BSN Program at UHV??
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    Hi. I graduated from UHV accelerated prog. I used all nurses a lot as a student so I thought I would chime in.

    This program is EXTEMELY intense. The schedule, between clinical, class, studying..etc, is basically m-sun 6am to 11 pm get the point. You have no life outside of school for that yr. It is intense because they use evidence based learning which means you study and teach yourself and when you attend class they ask questions and try to apply that info, it is tough. Its also tough because what you learn in a four hr class, other traditional programs spend a week or so on. Its fast.

    Having said that..IT CAN BE DONE!!!! I started w no med experience, didnt even know regular BP and had never sat foot n a hospital other than giving birth! Yea I had 3 yr old and husband and a home to run LOL. I was a sligtly above avg student..maybe a 3.4 in my prev degree. I was organized, focused, determined, and I worked my ass off. I graduated w honors and ive been a nurse for 2 yrs. YOU CAN DO IT.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and encouragement, PediatricRNTX!

    I am glad to hear that is it possible to make it through the program alive! The "teaching yourself" part does sound pretty intimidating though. Do they assign you certain chapters to read before each class, and then elaborate on a few certain topics from those chapters during class?

    That would be very hard to do with a 3 year old!! I'm married, but don't have kids yet, so hopefully that will make it a little easier on me

    It's helpful to know that you don't already need to know a lot about the medical field before you start the program. Do you feel like the program prepared you really well to be a nurse? How do you like nursing now that you have been doing it for a while? Are you glad you made the career change?

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