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    What kind of folder are we expected to buy to accommodate our documents? Thanks.

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    I was going to purchase the folders that have the two pockets and document protectors included....Or I assume a 1'binder with document protectors would be fine also.
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    Previous class recommend 3 ring binder 1 inch
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    Do you guys know where I can get my immunizations done for cheap (in Houston)?
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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone had a general idea of how long the orientation will be?
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    Resilient: I believe orientation will last until 3 PM
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    i heard the program is very good, I will be starting the adn to BSN in Fall 2013, i graduate from the ADN program in May 2013
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    In looking at the book list, materials, supplies, and tuition we are looking at an expensive year. Can any of the previous students on here advise us on how much we get for loans and is it possible to work on weekends during the program.
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    I received about 18,000 in financial aid not including the scholarships I got (about 4,000 additional). As far as working on the weekends, it's almost impossible to do that the first semester b/c it's so intense. I do know that some people worked summer and fall. But it depends on how much you need to study to make the grades. I had to study all day on the weekends in order to make As and Bs....some people are lucky and can barely study and make As. I'd suggest getting the first round of tests out of the way before deciding if a weekend job is right for you!
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    Can anyone tell me what the university of Houston is looking for to get admitted? I am applying for the spring 2014 program but I need advice on the admission process and what they are looking for in future nursing students. Thanks 😀

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