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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

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    Thank you Dman for all your help! Just to clarify, I do not need to send proof of CPR certification and immunizations with my application? It can wait until later correct?
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    Send what you have if you have it. I didn't get CPR certified til I knew I got in in December. I however, did have my immunizations so I sent that in. I'd start the immunizations and send what you have if it asks for it.
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    I want to apply but afraid I will not be competive enough. I have a 2.86 g.p.a for my first degree and a postbacc of about 3.4. I only scored a 76% on the Teas V overall. I have already been accepted to an ADN program but would rather get a BSN because my ultimate goal is to be a NP.
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    Definitely apply! I had a 2.91 GPA but my science GPA was 3.66....I had a 79% on my TEAS (I think!) and I got in!! If you get an interview, work your butt off to make them notice you! It worked for me!
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    Great job on your science Since NursingCas calculates every course you have ever taken my science is really low. Like a 2.95. I tried emailing and calling them but I never get a response.
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    What is your overall GPA Kekebrwn?? I know it says Cumulative 3.0 on the website, but I got in! So I will encourage you all to still apply. I didn't ask how I got in, whether it was my NursingCAS statement, science GPA, or my amazing personality (haha!), but it's worth trying
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    You mean overall for all the required prereqs?
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    If you are just talking about overall for prereqs then my Gpa is like a 3.46. Still kind of low. I have A's and B's in all my sciences except Chemistry. Which I refuse to take over. I wanted to ask them how many applicants have they had for this app period.
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    Overall for science is 3.06. I am feeling discouraged. I wish they would answer their phone and emails.

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