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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Also, for people wondering about the schedule, our first semester schedule was like this:

    Monday: Sim Lab. 0830 – 1530.
    Tuesday: Nursing Process I. 0830 – 1130. Pharmacology: 1230 – 1430.
    Wednesday: Clinical. 0630 – 1600.
    Thursday: Nursing Role: 1130-1330. Evidence Based Practice: 1400 – 1900 (1600-1900 being in the lab for health assessment).
    Fridays: Off!

    Sometimes you’ll have Wednesdays off and Clinicals on Fridays. It depends on what hospital you’re at and which semester you’re in.

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    Yes, your response helps a lot... thank you fizzylime!
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    Thanks for the info and insight into the program and how the interview is broken down! Really helps put my mind at ease. So excited for next monday!
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    Thanks a TON for your input FizzyLime and Chocolate88!
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    I want to wish EVERYONE a great Thanksgiving and get some good relaxation in! See you guys Monday!
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    I just found this site and thank you all for the wonderful info. I have a question though, I have read about people checking their "to do list", where do you go to check that? Thanks and I hope to see you all on Monday for the interview. Good-luck everyone.
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    This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for finding this thread! I am SO nervous about attending this interview. So, I googled it, and found this site. I think all of the questions I had were addressed...for now at least. I sincerely look forward to meeting all of you on Monday!
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    adijatsab- this is how to see the to do list:

    login in with the User ID number and your PW then click on UHV self service then click on student center and the to do list is at the right
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    Greetings!...I just wanted to wish everyone good luck,I will be praying that we all make a great impression . Just stay calm and be positive.
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    Good luck to everyone tomorrow and hope to see all of you there!!!!
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