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Hello!:yeah: I know it's pretty early to be starting this forum, but I just wanted to put my voice out there and see if there is anyone else out there hoping to join TWU's nursing program in the spring of 2013? What are you... Read More

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    I've just been accepted to twu nursing program for fall 2013 and I was curious if anyone would take the time to discuss with me twu nursing program. Basically how are you likening it? Do you feel as If they are preparing you well, is their any advice you could give me! Any notification would be appreciated I am so excited
    To be accepted! But I feel as if I know so little about twu Houston itself, I would like to visit the campus and maybe meet with a counsler but I am unsure of how to go about that! Thanks for any input!

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    I got in to Dallas campus for Fall 2013! If any current students have any good advice I really would like to get in touch!!
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    do you mind sharing your stats that your were accepted with?
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    do you mind sharing your stats?
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    Anyone planning on taking the patho class at Texas woman's Houston campus over the summer? I'm trying to find out when we can sign up for it, I wanna get it out of the way!
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    Can someone tell me what is a good book or review for the TEAS? I am planning to apply for spring 2014. What do you need to get in? Is the Teas a hard test? Please help. Thank you
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    I got into DALLAS! congrats to everyone else!

    anyone know when classes will start? July, August.. September??
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    I used the ATI book which was REALLY HELPFUL! this one had plenty of review material, go through the practice problems and it helps a lot, and then I used the internet to elaborate a little more lol and the Mcgraw book that has extra test for practice. I made an 82 on the TEAS. When I spoke with a nursing adviser at Denton she said like 60 something was national average but an 83 was the average score for students accepted into the program -_-
    It wasn't hard if you study before hand. nothing was a surprise. I recommend you focus extra time on what you know is not your strongest area, especially if you don't have alot of time to study. Oh! there was quite a bit of chemistry on there. And all the math is solved by hand, so if you're rusty I would go back practice that. I've heard of people running out of time on that portion, I almost did but managed to make educated guesses on the ones I had left.
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    Hello edelat11, how is the science part, is a lot of biology, anatomy and physics? because my big concern is physics. What about the english part? also, for math what I really need to know? How long is the test? I am really stress because of this test. Thank you so much for your response.
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    What websites did you use to practice? Thank you.

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