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Hello!:yeah: I know it's pretty early to be starting this forum, but I just wanted to put my voice out there and see if there is anyone else out there hoping to join TWU's nursing program in the spring of 2013? What are you... Read More

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    Quote from parker88
    Does anyone know how many applicants applied for the Houston campus?
    The best information I have heard was there was a little over 900 applicants total and historically the split is about 50/50 for Dallas and Houston. So far I haven't see any published statistical information. I can only report what the told us at the open house.

    I believe they accepted about 100 students for each location as well.

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    Quote from sshuman
    I was told by my advisors that the .4 bump is not actually a gpa bump. She said it is filled out as a "yes" or "no" on their spreadsheet. If you look at the gpa calculator it only says "yes" or "no" as well. I thought I would have .4 added to my gpa at first but was corrected when I saw my advisor in August. She said it used to add .4 but now it just acts as a preference. I dont know how they figure it out on the spread sheet but the advisor laughed when I said "Ohh so I get an addition 0.4 added." It is quite confusing, if you ask me!

    Also, I didnt mean to sound like I was explaining the procedure. The student you asked is actually one of my friends, which is why I responded. A lot of things are misunderstood or are not clear about the procedure which has confused me immensely. I was just trying to help.
    Thank you! It is confusing!
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    I received my acceptance into UTHSC today. So I will be revoking my spot at TWU in Houston. That's one more spot for someone else!
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    Quote from rn.christopher
    I received my acceptance into UTHSC today. So I will be revoking my spot at TWU in Houston. That's one more spot for someone else!
    I'm wishing I had applied to TWU Houston now! It seems like a lot of applicants who applied to both TWU Houston & UTHSC and got accepted to both, are choosing UTHSC and leaving a lot of open spots for the alternates. Is this because it goes through the summer so it is shorter or has anyone heard of one program being better than the other, as far as Houston is concerned??

    Just asking because I'm applying to both of them for Fall 2013 since I didn't get in to TWU Dallas. Thanks!
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    I am turning down TWU Houston for UTHSC Houston because UTHSC-H is15 months instead of two years. I have not heard one program being any better than the other.
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    Omg, so I just got my acceptance email from uthealth today...I already accepted twu and started making plans....which one is better besides uthealth being a shorter program...any advice?
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    The time difference is why I'm going for UTHSC as well. I know it'll be tough, but I think it will be worth it.
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    So Tpluta and are choosing uthealth based on finishing faster? I wish I could just decide right confused now.....
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    I would choose the fastest one as well.
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    For those of you who applied to both UTHSC and TWU, did you think the HESI A2 was harder or much different than the TEAS? I'm actually considering applying even though it would mean moving...

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