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Hello!:yeah: I know it's pretty early to be starting this forum, but I just wanted to put my voice out there and see if there is anyone else out there hoping to join TWU's nursing program in the spring of 2013? What are you... Read More

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    Hi Michael and Pana21! Ready to sign-on to Facebook when you have the Houston page created.

    Does anyone know how you can find out your TWU ranking order, besides contacting the coordinator? And what made you pick either TWU or UTHSC? I've searched other threads but looking for more insight.
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    Dana_K, our stats are similar in range. I'm sending you the good vibes. Since you are so close and UTHSC is still accepting applicants, you've got a chance! *fingers crossed*
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    Well I applied to uthsc also but all I have is the infamous green circle.... I didn't know uthsc is still accepting applicants. Well I will to create one. Application packets will not be sent out until November 7th....
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    Quote from Conner.francis
    wow i cant believe you did not get in. my stats are identical, and i got accepted. no degree or anything. i did however get into UTHSC- houston which i am accepting. so keep hope alive. UTHSC also graduates in 16 months instead of 24 so thats a bonus.
    Did you apply to the Houston campus though? I applied to the Dallas campus because we had just moved to Forth Worth this summer, that's when UT-HSC called me and asked if I was still interested for Fall 2012 because I was next on the list but I had to decline since my husband had just relocated jobs and my kids were about to start school in up here. Now, I'm back to square one!! Wishing I would have taken UT-HSC offer because my husband just had to transfer back to Houston because of the money and I have to wait until this semester of Patho. is over and the kids finish this year to move back this summer! But I'm confident I will get into UT-HSC in Fall and still graduate in Dec. 2014..but, What a roller-coaster!! Got to stay positive though
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    Quote from Michael.h
    Does anyone know if Pharmacology from Houston community college transfers to TWU's program? And PANA21, you should start one for the H-town group!
    TWU will only take Patho. or Pharm from their school.
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    Quote from nici0513
    TWU will only take Patho. or Pharm from their school.
    So are saying they will only take one or the other?
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    Hi everyone...i just want to let everyone know to NOT give up!! have super di duper faith in yourself! i didnt get "the email" but did call and they said i was 11th on the waiting list!! i asked how likely it was for me to get in with that number and of course i got the "it depends" response! but thats better than PLEASE keep checking those emails! Does anyone know how the waiting list works???
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    did they tell you how the wait list works? i found out that im #11 on the waitlist! i really hope we get in. i think we have a really good chance!
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    did they tell you how the wait list works? i was told i was 11th on the wait list ?!!
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    how in the world do you delete comments?! lol

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