TWU Spring 2013 Applicants! - page 105

Hello!:yeah: I know it's pretty early to be starting this forum, but I just wanted to put my voice out there and see if there is anyone else out there hoping to join TWU's nursing program in the... Read More

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    Why did they only accept 105?!?! I thought it was 110!! Fingers and toes crossed for you!!

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    Has anybody that got accepted into the Houston campus plan to start a fb page?
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    Does anyone know if Pharmacology from Houston community college transfers to TWU's program? And PANA21, you should start one for the H-town group!
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    Lol, Michael.h...I would be the worst since I have a page and I haven't been active in like 6 months!!!! Maybe we can start it together
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    im gonna go on FB and see if i can figure it out lol
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    What should we title it?
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    How many people have been accepted to the Houston? Does anyone know?
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    TWU class of 2015 Houston? something like that.. i tried to do it... but i have no clue what im doing haha..
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    Is that our graduation date? If so that is fine....I might know what I'm doing so maybe I can try tomorrow and we both can be administrators to accept ppl because I am horrible at checking fb! Lol I am known to disappear for months at a time! What do u think?
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    Alright sounds good. We might be class of 2014. Dallas FB page says 2014.

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